Wicked Jealous

Wicked Jealous

Author: Robin Palmer

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101572498

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 272

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A fresh and funny twist on Snow White from the author of Cindy Ella and Geek Charming! The ideal L.A. fairy tale for fans of Once Upon a Time and L.A. Candy Simone never saw herself as the "cute girl"--she was always the chunky smartmouth. But after a year of avoiding her wicked almost-stepmonster through Zumba class, Simone's now sporting a whole new retro style. And people keep acting oddly. One thing: her stepmonster seems to be trying to accidentally kill her, or at least fatten her back up. And so when Simone's brother offers to let her move in with him and his six roommates for the summer, Simone jumps at the chance for some normalcy. Only living with seven very different college boys isn't exactly going to help her land her very own happily ever after . . .

You Can Overcome the Jealousites in Your Life

You Can Overcome the Jealousites in Your Life

Author: Kashana Gallentine

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456731458

Category: Religion

Page: 296

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What is a jealousite, you might ask? The term jealous means very watchful or careful in guarding or keeping, resentfully suspicious of a rival or a rival's influence, resentfully envious, resulting from such feelings, requiring exclusive loyalty. An "ite" is a native inhabitant, or citizen of; a descendent from or offspring of; an adherent of, believer in, or member of. A jealousite is anyone that God wants to deal with who is in need of cleansing from jealousy and envy in your territory and life, even if it's yourself. So, you've fallen into the pit of sin and jealousy and envy has a hold on you. Is it to late for you or those in your territory or life who may be struggling with this sin? The answer is no. So many are stuck or at a stand still in life, while others are watching enviously at those who are pursuing ahead. We can no longer ignore this crisis for it affects our relationships on all levels. Whether it be in your home, in the workplace, in your school, in your church, in your family, in your friendships or in your nation. Jealousy and envy is lurking through the eyes and hearts of those who are in need of a God-sized transformation. If you are tired of living an average, defeated, self-consumed and insecure life, this book was designed with you in mind. You don't have to sit back and watch others get to the finish line. You can get in the race and finish your course also. No longer do you have to compare yourself to others but you can find peace with God and others by accepting your value and worth. You, yes you, are called to make a difference and a contribution in the lives of others. This book's message is a beckoning call for healing, deliverance, restoration and forgiveness to the broken hearted. If you've been desiring to get ahead in life, to advance beyond the pain, sufferings and struggles you've been experiencing, this is your time.

Leo Strauss and Islamic Political Thought

Leo Strauss and Islamic Political Thought

Author: Rasoul Namazi

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781009098700

Category: Philosophy

Page: 350

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The first comprehensive discussion of Leo Strauss's writings on Islamic political thought, and his reflections on religion, philosophy, and politics in their relationship with wisdom, persecution, divine law, and unbelief in the writings of Muslim thinkers, including Alfarabi and Averroes and in the famous Arabic collection, the Arabian Nights.

Being and Nothingness

Being and Nothingness

Author: Jean-Paul Sartre

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781982105464

Category: Philosophy

Page: 928

View: 526

Revisit one of the most important pillars in modern philosophy with this new English translation—the first in more than 60 years—of Jean-Paul Sartre’s seminal treatise on existentialism. “This is a philosophy to be reckoned with, both for its own intrinsic power and as a profound symptom of our time” (The New York Times). In 1943, Jean-Paul Sartre published his masterpiece, Being and Nothingness, and laid the foundation of his legacy as one of the greatest twentieth century philosophers. A brilliant and radical account of the human condition, Being and Nothingness explores what gives our lives significance. In a new and more accessible translation, this foundational text argues that we alone create our values and our existence is characterized by freedom and the inescapability of choice. Far from being an internal, passive container for our thoughts and experiences, human consciousness is constantly projecting itself into the outside world and imbuing it with meaning. Now with a new foreword by Harvard professor of philosophy Richard Moran, this clear-eyed translation guarantees that the groundbreaking ideas that Sartre introduced in this resonant work will continue to inspire for generations to come.

History of the French in America

History of the French in America

Author: R. A. N. Harvey

Publisher: [Salt Lake City? : R.A.N. Harvey], 1885 (Salt Lake City : Times Steam Print)


Category: Quebec (Province) Social life and customs

Page: 374

View: 970

The title is misleading. The work is actually an account of the author's life in Quebec with extracts of many letters from relatives, his opinions on many subjects, and many adverse comments on Catholicism.