Let the Reader Understand

Let the Reader Understand

Author: Edwin K. Broadhead

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567684165

Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 732

This book honors the extraordinary contribution of Elizabeth Struthers Malbon to biblical studies. In the opening chapter, Werner Kelber places Malbon's work within the larger context of critical reflection, from antiquity to the modern era, on the role and function of discourse. Kelber locates Malbon's approach squarely within the framework of modernity and concludes that her "supremely creative achievement has been the employment of modern, narrative critical tools with a view toward uncovering the fecundity of the gospel of Mark.†? Drawing from and conversing with Professor Malbon's extensive publications, each of the five sections engages a theme from her works, focusing particularly on the Gospel of Mark. This tribute includes meaning as narrative, issues in methodology, studies in characterization, narrative readings of specific texts, and aesthetic and political readings. Contributors include: Werner H. Kelber; R. Alan Culpepper; Kelly R. Iverson; Mikeal C. Parsons; David Barr; David J.A. Clines; Robert C. Tannehill; J. Cheryl Exum; Heidi Hornik and Richard Walsh.

The English Reader

The English Reader

Author: Lindley Murray



Category: Electronic book

Page: 246

View: 656

Describes the wonders of light and optics, exploring such developments as lasers, fiber optics, and holography.

Asian American Christianity Reader

Asian American Christianity Reader

Author: Timothy Tseng

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780981987811

Category: Asian Americans

Page: 354

View: 706

This textbook is an interdisciplinary collection of scholarly and religious articles about Asian American Christianity. Its four sections -- contexts, sites, identity, and voices ? offer in-depth understanding of both Catholic and Protestant traditions, practices, theologies, and faith communities. It also highlights diversity and complexity across lines of gender, generation, denomination, race and ethnicity in Asian American Christianity.

Technology and Culture, the Film Reader

Technology and Culture, the Film Reader

Author: Andrew Utterson

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415319854

Category: Cinematography

Page: 172

View: 378

Bringin together key theoretical texts from respected names in the field including Andre Bevin, Walter Benjamin and Vivian Sobchack, this book examines more than a century of writing on film and technology.

U.P. Reader Box Set of Volumes 1 - 5

U.P. Reader Box Set of Volumes 1 - 5

Author: Deborah K. Frontiera

Publisher: Modern History Press

ISBN: 9781615995837

Category: Fiction

Page: 584

View: 592

Michigan's Upper Peninsula is blessed with a treasure trove of storytellers, poets, and historians, all seeking to capture a sense of Yooper Life from settler's days to the far-flung future. Since 2017, the U.P. Reader offers a rich collection of their voices that embraces the U.P.'s natural beauty and way of life, along with a few surprises. The 178 short works in this 584 page super-sized box set of volumes 1 through 5 take readers on U.P. road and boat trips from the Keweenaw to the Soo and from Menominee to Iron Mountain. Every page is rich with descriptions of the characters and culture that make the Upper Peninsula worth living in and writing about. U.P. writers span genres from humor to history and from science fiction to poetry. This issue also includes imaginative fiction from the Dandelion Cottage Short Story Award winners, honoring the amazing young writers enrolled in all of the U.P.'s schools. Featuring the words of Karen Dionne, Kaitlin Ambuehl, John Argeropoulos, Lee Arten, Leslie Askwith, Barbara Bartel, T. Marie Bertineau, Aimée Bissonette, Don Bodey, Craig A. Brockman, Stephanie Brule, Sharon Marie Brunner, Larry Buege, Tricia Carr, Mikel Classen, Ann Dallman, Annabell Dankert, Walter Dennis, Giles Elderkin, Frank Farwell, Deborah K. Frontiera, Elizabeth Fust, Robert Grede, Charles Hand, Rich Hill, Kyra Holmgren, Kathy Johnson, Jan Stafford Kellis, Sharon Kennedy, Chris Kent, Amy Klco, Tamara Lauder, David Lehto, Emma Locknane, Teresa Locknane, Ellen Lord, Raymond Luczak, Bobby Mack, Terri Martin, Sarah Maurer, Katie McEachern, Roslyn McGrath, Becky Ross Michael, Hilton Moore, Cora Mueller, Nicholas Painter, Cyndi Perkins, Shawn Pfister, Gretchen Preston, Janeen Pergrin Rastall, Christine Saari, Terry Sanders, Gregory Saxby, Ar Schneller, Joni Scott, Donna Searight Simons, Frank Searight, May Amelia Shapton, T. Kilgore Splake, Ninie G. Syarikin, Rebecca Tavernini, Tyler Tichelaar, Brandy Thomas, Fenwood Tolonen, Donna Winters, Jan Wisniewski and Lucy Woods. "Funny, wise, or speculative, the essays, memoirs, and poems found in the pages of these profusely illustrated annuals are windows to the history, soul, and spirit of both the exceptional land and people found in Michigan's remarkable U.P. If you seek some great writing about the northernmost of the state's two peninsulas look around for copies of the U.P. Reader. --Tom Powers, Michigan in Books "U.P. Reader offers a wonderful mix of storytelling, poetry, and Yooper culture. Here’s to many future volumes!" --Sonny Longtine, author of Murder in Michigan's Upper Peninsula "As readers embark upon this storied landscape, they learn that the people of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula offer a unique voice, a tribute to a timeless place too long silent." --Sue Harrison, international bestselling author of Mother Earth Father Sky "I was amazed by the variety of voices in this volume. U.P. Reader offers a little of everything, from short stories to nature poetry, fantasy to reality, Yooper lore to humor. I look forward to the next issue." --Jackie Stark, editor, Marquette Monthly The U.P. Reader is sponsored by the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association (UPPAA) a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. A portion of proceeds from each copy sold will be donated to the UPPAA for its educational programming. Learn more at www.UPReader.org