The Collage Ideas Book

The Collage Ideas Book

Author: Alannah Moore

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781781575819

Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 325

Collage allows your creativity to run riot. It lets you juxtapose disparate elements, styles, and media against each other and create something entirely novel, bizarre, arresting, beautiful, ironic, or unsettling. Old and new can be fused together; the digital and hand-made can be combined. What you can create with collage knows no bounds. This little book is full of big ideas from contemporary collage artists to inspire you to think differently. It's the perfect gift for creative friends and family, providing inspiration for curious beginners as well as seasoned collagists looking for new ways of working. With a new idea on every page, you will discover fresh ways of tackling the medium to create work that is original and exciting. Ideas include: - monoprint - embroidery - felting - portraiture - painting - body art - sketchbooking - miniature dioramas - Surrealism - Photoshop - and many more!

50 Book Report Ideas

50 Book Report Ideas

Author: Jim Walters

Publisher: Teacher Created Resources

ISBN: 9781420639483

Category: Book reviewing

Page: 114

View: 327

Never run out of ideas for book reports and literary projects! Engaging activities have students preparing character masks, historical interviews, pop-up books, time capsules, and more!

The LEGO Ideas Book New Edition

The LEGO Ideas Book New Edition

Author: Simon Hugo

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241613405

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 202

View: 534

A brand new edition of the best-selling LEGO® ebook of all time - with hundreds of all-new models! Unlock your imagination with this colourful treasury of more than 100 new building ideas created by LEGO® fan builders. Learn tips and tricks to become a better builder. Find out how professional LEGO designers get their ideas and meet the fan builders. Get inspired to make your own brick- built creations with ideas to build your own fantasy home, create an alien sports centre, grow your own brick-built rooftop garden, and much more. What will you build? ©2022 The LEGO Group.

The Dera’S Books Compilation of Ideas

The Dera’S Books Compilation of Ideas

Author: Carwel Dera

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453594094

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 392

View: 568

Since 1993, the author has been writing on a wide range of issues. Writings that became its first book published in 2007. This book, a compilation of five important books published that touch on vital issues that are unparalleled in the history of humanity. This compilation includes a supplement to the Responsibility of Authority: Driving Ms America book titled, A Medical Dictatorship. This compilation gives someone the choice of having all the books into one or buys each individual book. This compilation also is a great resource for anyone doing research and for anyone to open up dialogues.

The Little Book of Big Ideas

The Little Book of Big Ideas

Author: Daniel Smith

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books

ISBN: 9781782438304

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 673

An exploration of some of the most important and enduring ideas in human history - from religion, science, philosophy, medicine, psychology, politics, economics and art - each presented in brief, accessible form. 'Big' ideas are those concepts and theories that have radically transformed our understanding of the world we live in, our place in that world and the ways we have shaped the past and will shape the future. They are the ideas that have had a huge impact on human civilization - and they come from all disciplines of human ingenuity. Topics covered range widely and include Creation Mythology, Existentialism, The Elements, Relativity, Space Travel, Geometry, Ethics, Behaviourism, Genetics, Warfare, The Nation State, Anarchism, Capitalism, Classical Art and Architecture, The Renaissance - and much more. This concise, accessible and multi-faceted book provides an essential introduction to 150 of the most important principles of Western thought.

Notebook of New Video Game Ideas: Book Two

Notebook of New Video Game Ideas: Book Two

Author: Adam Jeremy Capps

Publisher: Adam Jeremy Capps


Category: Computers

Page: 81

View: 488

“It’s a secret to everyone.” This contains a large number of good elements to add to any game. There are over 250 free ideas here that any game maker may use. All the ideas here are free in this public domain book. No idea was presented that was known to exist before and none were added without feeling they were worthwhile. Consider this an open source book of free ideas that anyone may use and share. It is the author’s personal contribution to the gaming community.

Passive Income Ideas 2 Books In 1

Passive Income Ideas 2 Books In 1

Author: Michael Cruz

Publisher: Michael Cruz


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 142

View: 718

Amazon FBA Selling Guide What was one of the first things you wanted to sell when you were a kid? Did you have a lemonade stand that went bust after two weeks, or did you sell baseball bats at little league games? Whatever kickstarted your selling career shows the true determination of a natural-born seller that was meant to take advantage of one of the world's greatest merchandise companies: Amazon. Amazon has been around for over 25 years, and it only continues to build momentum. Once marketed as only an online bookstore, it was unclear if the company would survive the next few years against such large alternatives such as Barnes & Noble. The company was completely internet-based, which many thought would be the end of the website, but it only became more popular with the addition of new products such as music and clothes. Some may not realize that the company that started off as an internet-based store for books was one of the first platforms to encourage outside sales. Originally called zShops, people could market original work or hard-to-find items. The idea exploded as more than half a million people purchased something on Amazon by 2000. Jeff Bezos was dubbed the king of e-commerce in 2001, just seven years after Amazon's launch. From its birth until now, Amazon has acquired 40 companies, but its major commerce is now in its third-party marketers. Outside sellers make up more than 50% of Amazon commerce today, and that number is only growing over the years. Online shopping has become the norm, and Amazon is leading the way in sales, accumulating billions of dollars every year, and its third-party sellers are riding the train to financial freedom. Amazon FBA was officially launched in 2006, so it is far from the newest selling platform, but it has shaped the path for other platforms of its kind, and it should be considered as the best service possible. Sellers can use accounts created with Amazon to sell their own merchandise with small fees collected by Amazon. With the internet growing in importance every year, selling online has never been easier. But why would you want to get involved with Amazon FBA? Well, if you have a knack for selling products, feel as though you have always wanted an online store, or just want to try something new, Amazon FBA is one of the easiest ways to get started. From its promises of prime delivery to customers to its total management of your products as soon as they are delivered to the warehouse, Amazon has you covered. They provide a service unmatched by any outside company, and they make selling easier every year. Passive Income Ideas The concept of making money when you sleep has drawn a crowd to the pursuit of passive income. Theoretically, you put in some time and money in the start, then relax and let the money pour in when you focus on other things. This appears like a dream become a reality, but it's mostly only a dream. In today's workforce, relying on one income source is risky. Job protection is rarely guaranteed, and a little extra cash is useful always. By using your primary income source to cover basic expenses, you may use extra income streams to pay off debts, reduce your economic burden, or avoid going further into debt when you are able to pay for larger purchases up front rather than with a credit card or loan. Conversely, passive income is cash that continues to pay out following the initial work is done. Traditionally, income that were considered "passive" generally included money earned from investments in shares or profit acquired by a person who had invested in accommodations property but wasn't involved in the management or day-to-day functions of that property. This book covers: Passive Income Dropshipping Affiliate Marketing Blogging Dividend Stocks Merch By Amazon Programs Amazon FBA Ebook Online Courses Freelancing As A Virtual Assistant………AND MORE!!!

Pirie Brown's Pocket Book of Bloody Good Ideas!

Pirie Brown's Pocket Book of Bloody Good Ideas!

Author: Pirie Brown

Publisher: Maruki Books

ISBN: 9780958282635

Category: Business ethics

Page: 130

View: 635

Pirie Brown knows the magic of real business success lies in the soul of the company. This book outlines how all companies can identify and promote their values to ensure that staff and customers alike simply love doing business together. Learn how you can make the same subtle and strategic changes to any business model to achieve outstanding results in record time:o By focusing on being a value based businesso By practicing being green in a way that genuinely workso By thinking outside the box about pricingo By supercharging your employees with the things that mean they are almost immune to job dissatisfaction?And much more! Pirie Brown likes to tell it like it is ? all of it. This is a Non-PC-Correct attitude that comes through in his book, which you can take and use practically at any stage or age of your business. His approach to how to build a great culture within a failing company is outstanding.

Book Writing Ideas: How to Write and Publish a Book

Book Writing Ideas: How to Write and Publish a Book

Author: Smit Chacha

Publisher: Smit Chacha


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


View: 949

This book is a comprehensive guide in how to write and publish a book. I will guide you thoroughly in how to write a blog post and convert it into a published book. You will learn all the best practices in how to become a successful author. I have written many books in my career as an author and I want you to do the same.Become a successful author with many book titles in your name.Let’s start writing…You will learn how to write a book, how to find a niche, ideas in what to write about, finding a writing style, page formatting, book covers, finding a publisher, marketing your books and publishing your book.

Cengage Advantage Books: Ideas & Details

Cengage Advantage Books: Ideas & Details

Author: M. Garrett Bauman

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781133709978

Category: Education

Page: 512

View: 476

IDEAS & DETAILS: A GUIDE TO COLLEGE WRITING, Eighth Edition, offers a simple and straightforward approach to the essentials of writing papers--from research and style to grammar and mechanics--to show students how detailed writing strategies can help them succeed in any course. In this brief writing guide, students will also discover timely professional essays, a balance of short and long assignments, and over one hundred brain teasers that provide students with invention strategies to stimulate creativity. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.