The Art of Grace: On Moving Well Through Life

The Art of Grace: On Moving Well Through Life

Author: Sarah L. Kaufman

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393243963

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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"Sarah Kaufman offers an old-fashioned cure for a modern-day ailment. The remedy for our culture of coarseness is grace…This is an elegant, compelling, and, yes, graceful book." —Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive In this joyful exploration of grace’s many forms, Pulitzer Prize–winning critic Sarah L. Kaufman celebrates a too-often-forgotten philosophy of living that promotes human connection and fulfillment. Drawing on the arts, sports, the humanities, and everyday life—as well as the latest findings in neuroscience and health research—Kaufman illuminates how our bodies and our brains are designed for grace. She promotes a holistic appreciation and practice of grace, as the joining of body, mind, and spirit, and as a way to nurture ourselves and others.

Spotlight On the Art of Grace

Spotlight On the Art of Grace

Author: Nick Wolff

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365432583

Category: Self-Help


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Through this book, you will be moved by powerful stories of personal loss and triumph. You will learn important tips on how to learn, how to mend fences, how to make the world better, and all the while do it with energy and with a smile.

The Art of Grafted Song

The Art of Grafted Song

Author: Yolanda Plumley

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199915095

Category: Music

Page: 432

View: 727

Just as our society delights in citations, quotations, and allusions in myriad contexts, not least in popular song, late medieval poets and composers knew well that such references could greatly enrich their own works. In The Art of the Grafted Song: Citation and Allusion in the Age of Machaut, author Yolanda Plumley explores the penchant for borrowing in chansons and lyrics from fourteenth-century France, uncovering a practice integral to the experiments in form, genre, and style that ushered in a new school of lyric. Working across disciplinary boundaries, Plumley traces creative appropriations in the burgeoning "fixed forms" of this new tradition to build a more intimate understanding of the shared experience of poetry and music in the generations leading up to, and including, Guillaume de Machaut. Exploring familiar and less studied collections of songs as well as lyrics without music, this book sheds valuable light on the poetic and musical knowledge of authors and their audiences, and on how poets and composers devised their works and engaged their readers or listeners. It presents fresh insights into when and in which milieus the classic Ars nova polyphonic chanson took root and flourished, and into the artistic networks of which Machaut formed a part. As Plumley reveals, old songs lingered alongside the new in the collective imagination well beyond what the written sources imply, reminding us of the continued importance of memory and orality in this age of increasing literacy. The first detailed study of citational practice in the French fourteenth-century song-writing tradition, The Art of Grafted Song will appeal to students and scholars of medieval French music and literature, cultural historians, and others interested in the historical and social context of music and poetry in the late Middle Ages.

Grace's Guide

Grace's Guide

Author: Grace Helbig

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476788005

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

View: 255

A comedian who has gained popularity on YouTube offers her irreverent take on life, in an illustrated book geared toward anyone faced with the daunting challenge of growing up. Original.

Girls with Grace ...

Girls with Grace ...

Author: Gracemarie Serafina

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781644626979

Category: Self-Help

Page: 140

View: 265

This is not your grandmother’s etiquette book. In a world where “etiquette” and “manners” are being increasingly equated to “being old-fashioned,” Girls with Grace is the Social Graces and Empowerment 101 handbook you never thought you needed. Forget going to finishing school, Girls with Grace serves as a handy guide to social graces and personal improvement. This book revisits rules of etiquette and breaks them down into manageable, easy-to-understand tips that are readily applicable to your daily life. Knowing this little—and often forgotten—social conventions and common courtesies will ultimately help boost your confidence in navigating any social situation you find yourself in. From personal style to money management to dating and goal-setting, Girls with Grace is full of tips to make sure you are empowered to handle everyday situations confidently, to achieve your dreams and desires courageously, and to treat the people you meet along the way with respect and dignity. Whether you’re meeting dignitaries, going to a job interview, or even meeting the future love of your life, the tips within this book will help you in making sure you’re always projecting your best self. Let Girls with Grace help you make a commitment to yourself to live your most authentic self with grace, dignity, and confidence.

Meet Me in Barcelona

Meet Me in Barcelona

Author: Mary Carter

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 9780758284730

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 953

A surprise trip to Barcelona with her boyfriend, Jake, seems like the perfect antidote to Grace Sawyer's current woes. The city is dazzling and unpredictable, but the biggest surprise for Grace is discovering who arranged and paid for the vacation. Carrie Ann wasn't just Grace's foster sister. Clever, pretty, and mercurial, she was her best friend--until everything went terribly wrong. Now, as she flees an abusive marriage, Carrie Ann has turned to the one person she hopes will come through for her. Despite her initial misgivings, Grace wants to help. But then Carrie Ann and Jake both go missing. Stunned and confused, Grace begins to realize how much of herself she's kept from Jake--and how much of Carrie Ann she never understood. Soon Grace is baited into following a trail of scant clues across Spain, determined to find the truth, even if she must revisit her troubled past to do it. . . Mary Carter's intriguing novel delves into the complexities of childhood bonds, the corrosive weight of guilt and blame, and all the ways we try--and often fail--to truly know the ones we love. Praise for Mary Carter "A touching novel." --Publishers Weekly on The Things I Do For You "This is guaranteed to become one of the books on your shelf that you'll want to read again." --The Free Lance-Star on The Pub Across the Pond

Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems

Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems

Author: Urs Marti

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319108377

Category: Science

Page: 346

View: 857

This volume includes a selection of papers presented at the IAG international symposium "Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems 2012" (GGHS2012), which was organized by IAG Commission 2 “Gravity Field” with the assistance of the International Gravity Field Service (IGFS) and GGOS Theme 1 “Unified Global Height System”. The book summarizes the latest results on gravimetry and gravity networks, global gravity field modeling and applications, future gravity field missions. It provides a detailed compilation on advances in precise local and regional high-resolution geoid modeling, the establishment and unification of vertical reference systems, contributions to gravity field and mass transport modeling as well as articles on the gravity field of planetary bodies.

The Technology of Salvation and the Art of Geertgen tot Sint Jans

The Technology of Salvation and the Art of Geertgen tot Sint Jans

Author: JohnR. Decker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351540070

Category: Art

Page: 182

View: 195

Investigating the complex interactions between devotional imagery and Church doctrine in the Low Countries during the fifteenth century, this book demonstrates how the pictorial arts intersected with popular religious practice. The author reconstructs the conceptual frameworks underlying the use and production of religious art in this period and provides a more nuanced understanding of the use of images in the process of soul formation. This study delves into the complexity of the early modern system of personal justification and argues that religious images and objects were part of a larger 'Technology of Salvation.' In order to make these connections clearer, the author analyzes selected works by Geertgen tot Sint Jans (Little Gerard at St. John's) and shows how they functioned within their larger social and historical milieu.

The Art of Ballet

The Art of Ballet

Author: Mark Edward Perugini

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547090236

Category: Fiction

Page: 232

View: 429

Some may possibly wonder to find here no record of Ballet in Italy, or at the Opera Houses of Madrid, Lisbon, Vienna, Buda-Pest, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Warsaw, or St. Petersburg, not to speak of the United States and South America. This, however, would be to miss somewhat the author's purpose, which is not to trace the growth of Ballet in every capital where it has been seen. To do so effectively was hardly possible in a single volume. A whole book might well be devoted to the history of the art in Italy alone, herein only touched upon as it came to have a vital influence on France and England in the nineteenth century. We have already had numerous volumes dealing with Russian Ballet; and since the ground has been extensively enough surveyed in that direction there could be no particular advantage in devoting more space to the subject than is already given to it in this work, the purpose of which only is to present—as far as possible from contemporary sources—some leading phases of the history of the modern Art of Ballet as seen more particularly in France and England.

American Art to 1900

American Art to 1900

Author: Sarah Burns

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520943827

Category: Art

Page: 1104

View: 406

From the simple assertion that "words matter" in the study of visual art, this comprehensive but eminently readable volume gathers an extraordinary selection of words—painters and sculptors writing in their diaries, critics responding to a sensational exhibition, groups of artists issuing stylistic manifestos, and poets reflecting on particular works of art. Along with a broad array of canonical texts, Sarah Burns and John Davis have assembled an astonishing variety of unknown, little known, or undervalued documents to convey the story of American art through the many voices of its contemporary practitioners, consumers, and commentators. American Art to 1900 highlights such critically important themes as women artists, African American representation and expression, regional and itinerant artists, Native Americans and the frontier, popular culture and vernacular imagery, institutional history, and more. With its hundreds of explanatory headnotes providing essential context and guidance to readers, this book reveals the documentary riches of American art and its many intersecting histories in unprecedented breadth, depth, and detail.