Space and Beyond

Space and Beyond

Author: R. A. Montgomery

Publisher: Chooseco Llc

ISBN: 1933390034

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 131

View: 308

As an intergalactic explorer born on a traveling spaceship, the reader has to choose what planet to call home and each decision results in a different encounter with aliens and space creatures.

The Space Beyond

The Space Beyond

Author: John W. Campbell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575101975

Category: Fiction

Page: 294

View: 549

Three Mind-Jarring Space Operas Marooned: Four giant ships made of the wonder element synthium crash the asteroid belt and brave the cold of Jupiter's moons in mans last reckless dash to adventure. All: The Chinese have brutally conquered the Earth and out of their ruthless tyranny evolves the last great religious war, and the first God of Nuclear Divinity. The Space Beyond: When you wake up 75 billion miles from Earth in a crippled ship hurtling towards a blistering Mega-Sun, with a crew of insane gangsters and a Texan, what you don't need to run into is a galactic war. Or was that their only chance of survival?

How to be a Space Explorer

How to be a Space Explorer

Author: Lonely Planet Kids

Publisher: Lonely Planet

ISBN: 9781743605868

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


View: 188

Everything young explorers needs to know to travel in space, covering what life in zero gravity is like, how to find your way around the solar system, and the all-important question of how to pee in a spacesuit!

Constitutional Space: Doctrine, Legal Reality and 3D Illusion

Constitutional Space: Doctrine, Legal Reality and 3D Illusion

Author: Игорь Барциц

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785042337093

Category: Law


View: 151

This paper studies the notion and content of constitutional space, its integral parts and components, key features and principles in order to help identify the spatial limits of state power and provide efficient legal support to integration processes. To articulate the multifaceted concept of constitutional space, the author has analyzed the approaches of a number of Russian and international researchers which allowed him to trace how this concept developed from the fl at territory-bound format to a valuecentric three-dimensional presentation or so-called 3D format.The purpose of this paper is to define the concept of constitutional space, its content and role in the context of state building aimed at ensuring territorial integrity, unity of the Russian system of law and more efficient use of the mechanisms provided by federal agreements based on the analysis of scientific information sources and constitutional norms.

Space and Beyond

Space and Beyond

Author: Gary Westfahl

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313308462

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 202

Although the exploration of space has long preoccupied authors and filmmakers, the development of an actual space program, discoveries about the true nature of space, and critical reconsiderations of America's frontier experiences have challenged and complicated conventional portrayals of humans in space. This volume reexamines the themes of space and the frontier in science fiction in light of recent scientific and literary developments. Included are the observations of noted science fiction writers such as Arthur C. Clarke, Gregory Benford, James Gunn, and Jack Williamson, along with contributions from leading scholars in the field.

The Canadian Space Program

The Canadian Space Program

Author: Andrew B. Godefroy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319401058

Category: Science

Page: 324

View: 445

Canada’s space efforts from its origins towards the end of the Second World War through to its participation in the ISS today are revealed in full in this complete and carefully researched history. Employing recently declassified archives and many never previously used sources, author Andrew B. Godefroy explains the history of the program through its policy and many fascinating projects. He assesses its effectiveness as a major partner in both US and international space programs, examines its current national priorities and capabilities, and outlines the country’s plans for the future. Despite being the third nation to launch a satellite into space after the Soviet Union and the United States; being a major partner in the US space shuttle program with the iconic Canadarm; being an international leader in the development of space robotics; and acting as one of the five major partners in the ISS, the Canadian Space Program remains one of the least well-known national efforts of the space age. This book attempts to shed a clearer light on the progress made by the CSA thus far, with more ambitious goals ahead. Technical information, diagrams, glossaries, a chronology, and extensive notes on sources are also included in this volume.

Investigation of Governmental Organization for Space Activities

Investigation of Governmental Organization for Space Activities

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences. Subcommittee on Governmental Organization for Space Activities


ISBN: LOC:00174159701

Category: Astronautics

Page: 798

View: 329

Reviews space program administration and coordination by NASA and DOD. Focuses on differing roles of NASA and DOD in the development of a space program. Includes report "Interdepartmental Coordination in the Federal Administration of Scientific and Technological Functions" by the Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress, 1959 (p. 661-745).

Beyond the Atmosphere

Beyond the Atmosphere

Author: Homer E. Newell

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486135656

Category: Science

Page: 528

View: 940

This exciting survey is the work of a top NASA administrator who chronicles technological advances, the relationship of space science to general science, and the space program's social, political, and economic contexts.

Sci-Fi Box Set: 140+ Dystopian Novels, Novels Space Adventures, Lost World Classics & Apocalyptic Tales

Sci-Fi Box Set: 140+ Dystopian Novels, Novels Space Adventures, Lost World Classics & Apocalyptic Tales

Author: H. G. Wells

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788026896951

Category: Fiction

Page: 18430

View: 313

Enjoy this meticulously edited SF Collection, jam-packed with space adventures, dystopian apocalyptic tales and the greatest sci-fi classics: H. G. Wells: The Time Machine The War of the Worlds The Island of Doctor Moreau The Invisible Man… Jules Verne: Journey to the Center of the Earth 20.000 Leagues under the Sea The Mysterious Island… Mary Shelley: Frankenstein The Last Man Edgar Wallace: Planetoid 127 The Green Rust… Otis Adelbert Kline: The Venus Trilogy The Mars Series Malcolm Jameson: Captain Bullard Series Garrett P. Serviss: Edison's Conquest of Mars A Columbus of Space The Sky Pirate… Arthur Conan Doyle: The Professor Challenger Series Francis Bacon: New Atlantis Edwin A. Abbott: Flatland Jack London: Iron Heel The Scarlet Plague The Star Rover… Robert Louis Stevenson: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde George MacDonald: Lilith H. Rider Haggard: King Solomon's Mines She William H. Hodgson: The House on the Borderland The Night Land… Edgar Allan Poe: Some Words with a Mummy Mellonta Tauta… H. P. Lovecraft: Beyond the Wall of Sleep The Cats of Ulthar Celephaïs Edward Bellamy: Looking Backward: 2000–1887 Equality… Mark Twain: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Owen Gregory: Meccania the Super-State Margaret Cavendish: The Blazing World Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels William Morris: News from Nowhere Samuel Butler: Erewhon Edward Bulwer-Lytton: The Coming Race James Fenimore Cooper: The Monikins Hugh Benson: Lord of the World Fred M. White: The Doom of London Ignatius Donnelly: Caesar's Column Ernest Bramah: The Secret of the League Arthur D. Vinton: Looking Further Backward Robert Cromie: The Crack of Doom Anthony Trollope: The Fixed Period Cleveland Moffett: The Conquest of America Richard Jefferies: After London Francis Stevens: The Heads of Cerberus Percy Greg: Across the Zodiac David Lindsay: A Voyage to Arcturus Stanley G. Weinbaum: Stories from the Solar System Edward Everett Hale: The Brick Moon Abraham Merritt: The Moon Pool The Metal Monster… C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne: The Lost Continent Lewis Grassic Gibbon: Three Go Back