Runaway Romances

Runaway Romances

Author: Robert R. Shandley


ISBN: UOM:39015080859336

Category: History

Page: 242

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Examines Hollywood's European travelogue romances from 1947 to 1964, the end of American isolationism and the advent of challenges in Hollywood that made American filmmakers begin filming abroad.

Runaway Romance

Runaway Romance

Author: Marissa Marchan

Publisher: 3 Ways Publishing

ISBN: 9781953577092

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Twenty-two-year-old Beverly Hills socialite Samantha Isabella St. James is devastated when she learns her father intends to force her to marry the son of a wealthy businessman to pay for his debt. She flees on her wedding day and is unaware of the impact of her actions. Samantha seeks refuge in the stranger's house and reluctantly accepts a job as a nanny for Benjamin McClain, an eccentric, handsome young entrepreneur, after someone steals her wallet and leaves her penniless. There is an immediate and clear affinity between them. Will Samantha's life become more complicated when she has to choose between saving her father and following her heart?

Runaway Home: A Contemporary Amish Romance

Runaway Home: A Contemporary Amish Romance

Author: Amy Grochowski

Publisher: Ambassador International

ISBN: 9781649601728

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

View: 388

Can love find a home for a runaway cowboy and the Amish woman he left behind? Noah Detweiler thought he’d left his Amish life forever. After years on the Albertan prairie as a cowboy, he’s finally found peace with God and purpose at Second Chance Ranch working with special needs children. But when he discovers time is running out for any hope of reconciliation with his father, Noah is forced to revisit his past and the woman he left behind. Rachel Erb remains content with Amish life on Prince Edward Island by focusing on her faith and her job caring for animals—until Noah returns and the secret longings of her heart are exposed. But loving Noah is destined to break her heart again—no matter what she chooses. A future together seems as far out of reach as it ever has been for Noah and Rachel. Their dreams won’t be realized without sacrifice. Only who will pay the cost? Endorsements Amy Grochowski brings us another uplifting Amish story set against the beautiful backdrop of Prince Edward Island! I was swept up in this tale of family forgiveness, hard-won redemption, and a broken romance just begging to be mended. These true-to-life characters face difficult choices and soul-deep dilemmas, but as they follow their faith—and their hearts—old sorrows are washed away by new joy. The world needs more stories like Runaway Home! —Laurel Blount Carol Award Winner and Author of Shelter in the Storm This book touched my heartstrings and reminded me that in order to find forgiveness and love, one must first find God. When Noah begins to put God first, everything else seems to fall into place. A beautiful reminder set in a lovely location and written by a gifted writer. I know you will love it! —Lenora Worth NY Times, USA Today, and PW bestselling author

How to Romance a Runaway Bride

How to Romance a Runaway Bride

Author: Teri Wilson

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781488093715

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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“If we’re not married by thirty, we’ll marry each other.” Allegra Clark doesn’t expect to be a runaway bride…till she’s about to say, “I do.” Then the commitmentphobe bolts—straight into the adjacent thirtieth birthday party of the man she’d once vowed to wed. Billionaire hotelier Zander Wilde can hardly believe his eyes. The woman he never forgot, more beautiful than ever, in a gown and veil. And she’s just days away from her thirtieth birthday.

Runaway: A Secret Baby Second Chance Romance

Runaway: A Secret Baby Second Chance Romance

Author: Lorhainne Eckhart

Publisher: Lorhainne Eckhart

ISBN: 9780991791088

Category: Fiction

Page: 217

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Just when you think the story can’t get any hotter, you’re sadly mistaken! “Another hot Friessen Man. It is a pleasure watching Andy learn how to be a real husband and father." Reviewer, Miranda “This definitely proves money doesn't buy love. What a suspenseful love story.” - Reviewer, April In RUNAWAY, Andy Friessen has been looking for his wife for six months. After Laura walked out with her son, no goodbye, with no money and leaving everything Andy bought her, behind. But he knew she’d come crawling back, she needed him. After all he married her to protect her. And any woman would give their right arm to be his wife. And then for six months his conscience poked at what an ass he’d been: Until he’s served...for divorce. Even though Andy is the first man she’s every truly loved, and the first to break her heart, Laura plans to never see him again. After all to him she was nothing but a nuisance, someone he could order around, just another woman to warm his bed at night. But Laura is hurt and she’s thought nothing through including the fact she’s keeping the biggest surprise from him yet. She’s pregnant. And when Andy finds out ... all hell will break loose. **Although this series is filled with ideals of family, love and loyalty, the Friessen men are strong sexy alpha males. Each story is filled with sexual tension, steamy romance, rough language, and passion. It is for those who enjoy adult contemporary romance, women’s fiction, western romance. THE OUTSIDER SERIES: The Forgotten Child (Brad & Emily) A Baby And A Wedding (Bridge Short Story) Fallen Hero (Andy, Jed & Diana) The Search (Bridge Short Story) The Awakening (Andy & Laura) Secrets (Jed & Diana) Runaway(Andy & Laura) Overdue (Bridge Short Story) The Unexpected Storm (Neil & Candy) The Wedding (Neil & Candy) Or grab The Outsider Series: The Complete Omnibus Collection which includes all the books and short stories in this in this romantic saga. THE FRIESSENS: A NEW BEGINNING: The Deadline (Andy & Laura) The Price to Love (Neil & Candy) A Different Kind of Love (Brad & Emily) A Vow of Love, A Friessen Christmas *Available December 2014 THE WILDE BROTHERS: The One (Joe & Margaret) The Honeymoon, A Wilde Brothers Short Friendly Fire (Logan & Julia) Not Quite Married, A Wilde Brothers Short A Matter of Trust The Reckoning, A Wilde Brothers Christmas *Available December 2014 WALK THE RIGHT ROAD SERIES: The Choice Lost And Found Merkaba Bounty Blown Away, The Final Chapter Or grab Walk the Right Road: The Complete Collection, which includes all the books in this sizzling suspense series. THE SAVED SERIES: Saved Vanished Captured *Available November 2014 Bounty Blown Away, The Final Chapter Or grab Walk the Right Road: The Complete Collection, which includes all the books in this sizzling suspense series. THE SAVED SERIES: Saved Vanished Captured *Available November 2014

Romance Fiction

Romance Fiction

Author: Kristin Ramsdell

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781591581772

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 719

View: 218

Presents a comprehensive guide for librarians and readers' advisors, provides a brief history of the romance novel, and offers reading lists and subgenre definitions.

Present Day Romance Tragedy

Present Day Romance Tragedy

Author: David D E Evans PhD OAM

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982294885

Category: Education

Page: 238

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1993 Reports from India of parents killing their children in public because of social shame related to forbidden marriage began coming to world attention. 1993 Admira Ismi (Bosniak) and Boko Brki (Serb) were killed by sniper fire while fleeing the besieged city of Sarejevo on Vrbanja bridge, now known as the ‘Romeo and Juliet Bridge.’ Their bravery ‘became a symbol for the suffering of the people on all sides of the conflict.’ The challenge of young people for rights to options is highlighted by the phenomenon and imperative of romance tragedy within and across cultures. Globalisation brings awareness of other cultures: of their legends and real life heroic stories; of their struggles and sacrifices; and of their social progress. This study focuses on the time period from 1993 to the present time during which romance tragedy in India especially, began attracting world attention through the media. The first pillar of Gandhi’s ‘Satyagraha’ is truth, claiming that openness to, and awareness of the greater community – the world community – is a necessity of peace, both at the family level and for the world community. Nonviolence (the second pillar) is seen as the first step in the path of peace, using the word ‘peace’ here to equate with ‘the enjoyment of good relationships’. Principles for the attainment and maintenance of good relations apply to individuals at the local level and to states and nations at the government level. Martyrdom of romantic lovers choosing Gandhian-like self sacrifice (the third pillar) continues today. Reflecting hugely intense joy and sorrow, storytelling of romance tragedy through the arts and media brings compelling heroism to our attention. It leaves us with a message of hope for the new generation.

The Romance Of Risk

The Romance Of Risk

Author: Lynn E Ponton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780786725403

Category: Psychology

Page: 352

View: 308

Dr. Lynn Ponton has devoted her clinical practice to a particular community -- teenagers in trouble. Whether these kids are struggling with peers, experimenting with drugs, stealing cars, or having unprotected sex, they have something in common: they are all involved in unhealthy risk-taking. And their parents are scared. "How did my child get involved in this dangerous situation?" they ask. "And what can I do?"Their fears are justified: today's teens have more opportunities for taking dangerous risks than ever before. But in The Romance of Risk, Dr. Ponton refutes the traditional idea that risk-taking is primarily an angry power struggle with parents -- so-called teenage rebellion -- and re-defines it as a potentially positive testing process whereby challenge and risk are the primary tools adolescents use to find out who they are and determine who they will become. This new perspective is revealed in a series of mesmerizing tales about individual adolescents and their families. Among others, we meet Jill, a 13-year-old thrill-seeking runaway; Hannah, a privileged daughter of suburbia who suffers from anorexia; and Joe, a high school senior with a serious drinking problem. Through these stories, we come to understand Dr. Ponton's startling observation that teenagers must confront and experience challenge and risk along the path to self-discovery. For adolescents, the powerful allure of the adult world is equaled only by the fear of failing to find a place in it. Parents can ease that transition into adulthood, however, by promoting healthy risk-taking so that dangerous options will be avoided. In The Romance of Risk, parents will learn how they can begin to understand rather than fear adolescent risk-taking, and how to communicate with their children about it. After all, teenagers will always romanticize risk. But with the support and guidance of parents and other adults, odds are the risks they take will be the right ones.