Rhyme's Challenge

Rhyme's Challenge

Author: David Caplan

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195337136

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 194

View: 735

This book makes a spirited argument for hip-hop as an important form of contemporary American poetry. It discusses hip-hop artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, and Kanye West alongside canonical poets like Shakespeare, Wordsworth, and Auden. This book is penned in an accessible style that will appeal to general readers and students interested in hip hop and/or contemporary poetry. It offers an overview of three prominent rhymes favored by hip hop artists: doggerel, insult, and seduction.

Planning for Learning to use Phonics

Planning for Learning to use Phonics

Author: Rachel Sparks Linfield

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781909280052

Category: Education

Page: 25

View: 878

Plan for six weeks of learning covering all six areas of learning and development of the EYFS through the topic of phonics. The aim of this book is to provide early years practitioners in both group and home settings with ideas for creative and fun ways to use the phonics skills that are currently being taught and learnt. The book will be a valuable addition to what is already happening in phonics within schools and nurseries. In addition, it will provide a simple introduction to phonics for new trainees and parents.

Life Rhymes

Life Rhymes

Author: Walt F.J. Goodridge

Publisher: a company called W


Category: Poetry

Page: 424

View: 689

Life Rhymes are a unique genre of motivational poem I created. They are positive, poetic expressions of the internal dialogue that creates success. They are part affirmation, advice column, inspired observation, proverb, prayer and life lesson all rolled into one! They are meant to guide your thoughts so you see the world differently, interpret life’s situations correctly and make choices that help you reach your highest goals! Between Aug 1997 and Aug 2006, I wrote a brand new, original inspiration EVERY SINGLE WEEK without fail! The 20,000 subscribers to my "Friday Inspiration" email enjoyed what was the longest-running email newsletter on the internet! Now, as a physical keepsake of that special time, you can order the complete collection in paperback form! (424 pages; 8.5" x 8"; ISBN: 978-0974531311)--Walt F.J. Goodridge Read more at : https://www.liferhymes.com

Rhyme and Rhyming in Verbal Art, Language, and Song

Rhyme and Rhyming in Verbal Art, Language, and Song

Author: Venla Sykäri

Publisher: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura

ISBN: 9789518585896

Category: Social Science

Page: 289

View: 476

This collection of thirteen chapters answers new questions about rhyme, with views from folklore, ethnopoetics, the history of literature, literary criticism and music criticism, psychology and linguistics. The book examines rhyme as practiced or as understood in English, Old English and Old Norse, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Karelian, Estonian, Medieval Latin, Arabic, and the Central Australian language Kaytetye. Some authors examine written poetry, including modernist poetry, and others focus on various kinds of sung poetry, including rap, which now has a pioneering role in taking rhyme into new traditions. Some authors consider the relation of rhyme to other types of form, notably alliteration. An introductory chapter discusses approaches to rhyme, and ends with a list of languages whose literatures or song traditions are known to have rhyme.

Rhymes in the Flow

Rhymes in the Flow

Author: Macklin Smith

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472053896

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 303

View: 696

Despite its global popularity, rap has received little scholarly attention in terms of its poetic features. Rhymes in the Flow systematically analyzes the poetics (rap beats, rhythms, rhymes, verse and song structures) of many notable rap songs to provide new insights on rap artistry and performance. Defining and describing the features of what rappers commonly call flow, the authors establish a theory of the rap line as they trace rap’s deepest roots and stylistic evolution—from Anglo-Saxon poetry to Lil Wayne—and contextualize its complex poetics. Rhymes in the Flow helps explain rap’s wide appeal by focusing primarily on its rhythmic and thematic power, while also claiming its historical, cultural, musical, and poetic importance.

Book of Rhymes

Book of Rhymes

Author: Adam Bradley

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780465094417

Category: Music

Page: 288

View: 954

If asked to list the greatest innovators of modern American poetry, few of us would think to include Jay-Z or Eminem in their number. And yet hip hop is the source of some of the most exciting developments in verse today. The media uproar in response to its controversial lyrical content has obscured hip hop's revolution of poetic craft and experience: Only in rap music can the beat of a song render poetic meter audible, allowing an MC's wordplay to move a club-full of eager listeners. Examining rap history's most memorable lyricists and their inimitable techniques, literary scholar Adam Bradley argues that we must understand rap as poetry or miss the vanguard of poetry today. Book of Rhymes explores America's least understood poets, unpacking their surprisingly complex craft, and according rap poetry the respect it deserves.

Challenge Workbook

Challenge Workbook

Author: WrightGroup/McGraw-Hill Staff


ISBN: 0075720469

Category: Language arts (Elementary)

Page: 204

View: 340

Each lesson in the grade level program has a correspondingChallenge activity to help students stretch to the next level ofunderstanding

Judah Halevi and His Circle of Hebrew Poets in Granada

Judah Halevi and His Circle of Hebrew Poets in Granada

Author: Ann Brener

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047408376

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 167

View: 872

This study focuses on the earliest period of creativity in the life of Judah Halevi (1075-1141), the greatest Hebrew poet since biblical times, and offers a portrait of a unique circle of Hebrew poets centering on the Muslim city-kingdom of Granada.