Education and the Environment

Education and the Environment

Author: Gerald A. Lieberman

Publisher: Harvard Education Press

ISBN: 9781612506319

Category: Education

Page: 224

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In this timely book, curriculum expert Gerald A. Lieberman provides an innovative guide to creating and implementing a new type of environmental education that combines standards-based lessons on English language arts, math, history, and science with community investigations and service learning projects. By connecting academic content with local investigations, environmental study becomes not simply another thing added to the classroom schedule but an engaging, thought-provoking context for learning multiple subjects. The projects outlined in the book further students’ understanding of the way human and natural “systems” interact locally and globally, and provide the next generation with the knowledge necessary for making decisions that will be critical to their future—and ours.

Exploring the Myths and the Realities of Today's Schools

Exploring the Myths and the Realities of Today's Schools

Author: Richard P. McAdams

Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 9781607098515

Category: Education

Page: 212

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This sympathetic look at the daily work life of our educators directly confronts issues with our changing student population, teacher unions, poor family dynamics, financial inequities, and student performance on international achievement tests. The author offers data and insights that counter the conventional wisdom that significant improvements will occur simply by expanding charter schools, by implementing merit pay for teachers more widely, or by emulating foreign educational systems.



Author: Sitti Hartinah

Publisher: European Alliance for Innovation

ISBN: 9781631903625

Category: Social Science

Page: 756

View: 978

Proceedings of the International Conference on Law, Social Science, Economics and Education 2022 Malapy 2022, 28 May 2022, Tegal, Indonesia. Malapy is an International Conference hosted by Universitas Pancasakti Tegal. This Conference is arranged to become an annual conference making room for scholars and practitioners in the area of economic, legal, educational, environmental aspects as well as a combination of all these aspects.