Speaking from the Body

Speaking from the Body

Author: Angie Chabram-Dernersesian

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 0816526648

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 244

View: 588

In compelling first-person accounts, Latinas speak freely about dealing with serious health episodes as patients, family caregivers, or friends. They show how the complex interweaving of gender, class, and race impacts the health status of LatinasÑand how family, spirituality, and culture affect the experience of illness. Here are stories of Latinas living with conditions common to many: hypertension, breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, ParkinsonÕs, lupus, and hyper/hypothyroidism. By bringing these narratives out from the shadows of private lives, they demonstrate how such ailments form part of the larger whole of Latina lives that encompasses family, community, the medical profession, and society. They show how personal identity and community intersect to affect the interpretation of illness, compliance with treatment, and the utilization of allopathic medicine, alternative therapies, and traditional healing practices. The book also includes a retrospective analysis of the narratives and a discussion of Latina health issues and policy recommendations. These Latina cultural narratives illustrate important aspects of the social contexts and real-world family relationships crucial to understanding illness. Speaking from the Body is a trailblazing collection of personal testimonies that integrates professional and personal perspectives and shows that our understanding of health remains incomplete if Latina cultural narratives are not included.

Late for Fate

Late for Fate

Author: Lori M. Jones

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781509208319

Category: Fiction

Page: 360

View: 216

D.C. paralegal Jezebel Stone's tardiness often gets her in trouble, but this time it leads to meeting her dream man. Her choice of metro seats places her on track for finding love again. But when their ride ends in a fiery crash, their separation sends her on a mission of reuniting with him and finishing their fateful trip. But instead, it entangles Jezebel in the twisted lives of those determined to destroy each other. This prickly path also holds the potential of leading Jezebel to an unlikely place of joy. Finding joy seems impossible when life is literally exploding all around her.

I Forgot to Take My Pill!

I Forgot to Take My Pill!

Author: Sharyn Hayden

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1511580682


Page: 202

View: 545

Congratulations, you're up the duff. Now what? Sharyn Hayden, the founder of humorous parenting website, RaisingIreland.com, delivers an overdue (oops, we said 'overdue'!) honest account of the road to first-time parenthood. Don't expect: Butterflies, the wings of angels gently caressing your baby's brow as they sleep, a clean house, anything gooey unless it's stuck to somebody's new jeans. Do expect: Puke on the floor, tiny kicks to the crotch in the middle of the night, unsolicited advice from random strangers, the need for wine at 8am and lots & lots of laughs. 'The Parenting Book Of A Generation' - Four Walls, Rainy Days

Longing to Tell

Longing to Tell

Author: Tricia Rose

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1429923458

Category: Social Science

Page: 432

View: 596

The Sexual Lives of Black Women, In Their Own Words In a culture driven by sexual and racial imagery, very few honest conversations about race, gender, and sexuality actually take place. In their absence, commonly held perceptions of black women as teenage mothers, welfare recipients, mammies, or exotic sexual playthings remain unchanged. For fear that telling their stories will fulfill society's implicit expectations about their sexuality, most black women have retreated into silence. Tricia Rose seeks to break this silence and jump-start a dialogue by presenting, for the first time, the sexual testimonies of black women. Spanning a broad range of ages, levels of education, and socioeconomic backgrounds, twenty women, in their own words, talk with startling honesty about sex, love, family, relationships, and intimacy. Their stories dispel prevailing myths and provide revealing insights into how black women navigate the complex terrain of sexuality. Nuanced, rich, and powerful, Longing to Tell will be required reading for anyone interested in issues of race and gender.

A Princess Meets Her Prince Charming

A Princess Meets Her Prince Charming

Author: Arlene Joy Sheppard

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781604770568

Category: Religion

Page: 134

View: 566

"The Princess was one of those 'angels unawares.' Her physical beauty was out of this world. Her spirituality was rare. You could not be in her presence without a sense of awe. She came, she touched, she went, leaving her footprints in our heart! Greta Sheppard . . . Writer/Author, Lecturer. The youthful freshness of Arlene's account makes you cry out: "No!" And then, "Yes, take me along with you." Vicky Love, author of "Childless is not less" When you read this book, you will be moved within. Arlene wrote most of it before she went to glory. It is written from her heart... from the meditations of a young girl filled with dreams... a young girl facing eternity. It will fill you with emotions that are hard to express. You will be touched as you enter her journey... I was. Patricia King Extreme Prophetic Ministries "A Princess Meets Her Prince Charming" is the exceptionally touching story of the strong faith of a young girl battling for her life. During her short lifetime, Arlene touched many people's lives. Though her story is about her battle with cancer, the emotional ups and downs, and her strong faith throughout, it's also filled with deep love, commitment and joy. It is sure to touch your life in ways you wouldn't think possible. Arlene's book takes you through her fight, beginning with the discovery of her cancer, climaxing with her Make A Wish Foundation visit with Prince Charles, in Buckingham Palace, back through another battle with leukemia and ending with a letter from Arlene's parents, missionaries David and Rowene Sheppard. Even though Arlene is now in heaven, here is a touching story that deserves to be heard. Rick Osborne Author: 101 Things Children Ask About God

The Woman Who Ran Away

The Woman Who Ran Away

Author: Dwight E. Foster

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452041018

Category: Fiction

Page: 514

View: 968

The Woman Who Ran Away is a mystery of sorts. Jack Waldek, the protagonist, is a senior tax manager with an obscure public accounting firm in New Jersey. He meets Fran Zetzmann when she occupies the next seat to him on an O’Hare to LaGuardia flight. Fran presumably holds a regional sales management position with an advertising representative firm and impresses Jack as an independent traveling lady. They develop a relationship which blooms into a comfortable weekend lover arrangement at Jack’s country place in a Pocono Mountains gated community called Knight Estates. Fran is a runner. She runs every weekend morning a distance of 1.8 miles regardless of weather. She leaves one Saturday morning shortly after seven in the morning and does not return, Jack sets out to look for Fran, locates the rental car in the parking lot next to the running trail and her purse is in the back seat. There is no sign of Fran. A search of her purse produces an odd looking cell phone and a wallet without credit cards. He reports her absence the next day to the Knight Estates Public Safety Department and continues to search for Fran. Jack finds that the address on her business card is nothing more than a New York City mail drop, and that Fran’s company ceased to exist three years before. He continues to probe and suddenly becomes aware that Fran is not the first person to disappear from Knight Estates. Jack then learns that the woman he had known as Fran was an operative of a Middle East industrial intelligence firm called SHALIMAR. It appears that the woman called Fran was assigned to cultivate Jack to learn about his principal client, Gianni Companies. Jack Waldek, the charming tax manager, finds himself enmeshed in a web of threats, violence, imposters. loutish public safety officers, a corporate control fight, and professional assassins. Everything is linked to Fran, the woman who ran away. Dwight Foster’s previous books include the Shattered Covenants series, (Present & Past Imperfect, The Road to McKenzie Barber, The Consultant, The Chairman, The Partner, The House of Harwell, and Twilight & Endgame) and NEW YORK FOLKS. His writings have a strong business flavor nurtured during his lengthy executive search consulting career in addition to his current role as Chairman of Foster Partners Asia, a human capital consulting firm serving clients in China, Malaysia, and Viet Nam.

The Contraception Guidebook

The Contraception Guidebook

Author: William R. Cutrer

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310254072

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 244

View: 934

A Comprehensive Christian Guide to Contraception The Contraception Guidebook equips you to make fully informed decisions about the complex and deeply personal issue of contraception. Written in a personal, engaging style by a male obstetrician/gynecologist and a female educator and journalist, both theologians, this easy-to-read book is packed with the most current medical information on every option, old and new. You'll also learn the success rates, ethical considerations, and risk factors involved, gain insights from real-life couples facing different concerns, and obtain medically reliable and biblically sound wisdom for your questions. Each chapter ends with questions to help you and your mate communicate on key issues.

The Eldercare Consultant

The Eldercare Consultant

Author: Becky Feola

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 9780814436325

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

View: 955

Your elderly father's memory is failing fast. Your increasingly frail mother just took another fall. Whatever the situation, The Eldercare Consultant can provide the knowledge, support, and encouragement you seek. Weaving together real-life stories with the essential information needed to make the best decisions, this compassionate and practical guide helps you: Spot warning signs of physical and mental decline * Recognize when a loved one needs assistance * Determine the level of care needed * Evaluate the options-family caregiver, home health care, palliative care, senior housing, assisted living facilities-and select the right one * Discuss the issue with your loved one * Understand and manage the costs of care * Make the adjustment as smooth as possible * Avoid caregiver burnout * And more Author and eldercare expert Becky Feola knows first-hand that caring for someone who is no longer in complete control is hard...and the decision to seek outside help is one fraught with emotion. Her book helps cut the confusion, and turn an undeniably difficult transition into a journey of hope and love.

Where I'm Calling From

Where I'm Calling From

Author: Raymond Carver

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9781101970591

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 166

By the time of his early death in 1988, Raymond Carver had established himself as one of the great practitioners of the American short story, a writer who had not only found his own voice but imprinted it in the imaginations of thousands of readers. Where I’m Calling From, his last collection, encompasses classic stories from Cathedral, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, and earlier Carver volumes, along with seven new works previously unpublished in book form. Together, these 37 stories give us a superb overview of Carver’s life work and show us why he was so widely imitated but never equaled.

This Doctor Is Weird

This Doctor Is Weird

Author: Nasir Mohammed MD

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

ISBN: 9781543750560

Category: Self-Help

Page: 80

View: 835

Just like all of us, Nasir Mohammed has confronted and overcome many challenges while journeying through life. In a collection of essays that each include an inspiring message of hope, Mohammed provides a glimpse into his childhood experiences in order to help others see that we all have trials to conquer on our own journeys through life. While leading others through his varied experiences, Mohammed demonstrates how he bravely faced his fears, tackled failure, overcame the odds stacked against him, and increased his energy levels while stretching himself to achieve greatness. Throughout all his personal stories, Mohammed invites us to brainstorm, edge past competitors, unlock our minds to embrace new adventures, and utilize his success formula to challenge pre-set limits and ultimately rediscover our true potential. This Doctor Is Weird is a collection of personal essays that lead others through a physician’s childhood experiences while imparting valuable lessons that will help anyone forge through challenges and create a path to success.

The Essential Patient Handbook

The Essential Patient Handbook

Author: Alan B. Ettinger

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 9781459609754

Category: Ambulatory medical care

Page: 482

View: 248

The Essential Patient Handbook was written for the millions of Americans who are dissatisfied with their medical care, and are looking for a practical no-nonsense way to get the help they need from their doctors. It contains lessons learned by two doctors (husband and wife) who endured immense challenges on the patient side of the medical care system.