The Spiritual Traveler

The Spiritual Traveler

Author: Edward F. Bergman

Publisher: Hidden Spring

ISBN: 1587680033

Category: Religion

Page: 418

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A guide to sacred sites and sacred spaces in New York City, written from a multi-faith and multicultural point of view. Includes many major historical, cultural and architectural sites, as well as lesser known sites of interest.

Great Trees of New York Map

Great Trees of New York Map

Author: Allison Meier


ISBN: 1912018772



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Discover 50 of the oldest, rarest, strangest, and most historic trees across New York City's five boroughs, from the 350-year-old "Alley Pond Giant" in Queens to the wizened Camperdown elm in Prospect Park. This two-sided guide includes a map, an introduction and descriptions by Allison C. Meier, and original photography by Colin Montgomery. The third collaboration between Blue Crow Media and author Allison Meier, following Art Deco New York Map and Concrete New York Map, this map reveals highlights from New York City's remarkable urban canopy, featuring rare species, flowering cherries, towering redwoods, wizened elms and more. This is the second installment in Blue Crow Media's tree series, following Great Trees of London Map.

Shrubs of the Gods: Great Trees In History, Religion and Culture: A Tree Lovers Almanac

Shrubs of the Gods: Great Trees In History, Religion and Culture: A Tree Lovers Almanac

Author: Brandon Melton

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483495804

Category: History


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Augustus Dowd was working with a mining company in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Central California in 1852 when he found himself tracking a wounded grizzly bear. Following the beast, pine needles crunching underfoot, he stumbled upon the most momentous sight he had yet surveyed, promptly forgetting all about the bear. But when he attempted to describe the great trees he had discovered to the other men of his camp — the height, the breadth, the fuzzy red fur covering their massive trunks — his fellows could not find it in themselves to believe him. Wherever one examines our history and culture, immense trees often take center stage. From the Sequoias of California to the Baobabs of Africa, this book takes an in-depth look at the trees of myth and religion, from the Tree of Life to the Viking world tree, Yggdrasil, and pulls these diverse tales together with wisdom and humor.