Energy Speaks

Energy Speaks

Author: Lee Harris

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781608685950

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 786

A powerful new voice providing clear and direct guidance for personal transformation Energy Speaks gives us a clear blueprint for growth and change. It provides practical guidance and inspiration on the things that matter most to us — including love, sex, money, personal power, self-expression and purpose, emotional healing and well-being, and how to have peace with our families — as well as more esoteric topics, such as how to invoke the help of our spirit guides and angels. This empowering book is the work of a great emerging spiritual teacher. It is filled with tools that you can use to break free of limitations and transform your life.

The Energy Cure

The Energy Cure

Author: Kimberly Kingsley


ISBN: 9781427099549

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 179

View: 774

The demands of life today often pull our energy in multiple directions, leaving us depleted and overwhelmed. Gulping down Red Bull or relying on adrenaline for energy is not a long-term solution, but is being treated as such, thus causing many stress-related illnesses. In THE ENERGY CURE, psychotherapist and energy coach Kimberly Kingsley introduces personal energy managementa way to live life to its fullest while preserving and renewing your most precious resource. Learning to harness and manage your personal energy can elevate you from survival mode to a place where you thrive.

Pleiadian Earth Energy Astrology

Pleiadian Earth Energy Astrology

Author: Pia Orleane

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781591433101

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 354

View: 790

Discover how to navigate the spiral energy patterns of the Universe for spiritual advancement and conscious evolution • Explains how the cycles of the 13 spirals of Universal energy and the 20 spirals of Earth energy interact on each calendar day as well as provides a Pleiadian perspective on how they influence us and the events in our lives • Offers practical examples of how you can consciously use the energies prevalent on a given day to your personal, spiritual benefit • Shares cosmic wisdom teachings from the Pleiadian group known as Laarkmaa Modern science has finally confirmed an essential component of the Pleiadian teachings: Our Universe is not linear; it moves in spirals. Human evolution also unfolds in spirals, rather than the linear progression we call “progress.” Sharing the cosmic wisdom teachings they have received from the Pleiadian group known as Laarkmaa, authors Pia Orleane and Cullen Baird Smith reveal a new system of Pleiadian-Earth energy astrology centered on the spiraling and interconnected movement of Universal and Earth energies, rather than on time, and explain how this new wave of Pleiadian wisdom can support human evolution. The authors identify two major spiral patterns that influence us: the 13 spirals of Universal energy that reflect cosmic laws and cosmic truth and the 20 spirals of Earth energy that reflect how humans experience themselves, each other, and their environment. They explain the dominant energy of each of the 13 Universal energy spirals and how they cycle in 13-day periods. They detail how these 13 Universal energy spirals interact with the cycles of the 20 Earth energy spirals on each calendar day, providing a hundred-year ephemeris and a Pleiadian perspective with which to understand the events in your life. Offering practical examples, they show how you can consciously use the energies prevalent on a given calendar day to your personal, spiritual advantage. Providing a map to transcend all systems that no longer serve us, freeing us to become the enlightened cosmic beings we truly are, the authors show how, with the wisdom of the Pleiadian-Earth energy system, we can each discover our specific gifts, work through the challenges of our own shadows, and individually and collectively evolve into a higher vibrational species.

Voiceover Narration

Voiceover Narration

Author: Dian Perry

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350158535

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

View: 965

What goes on inside a great narrator to make them great? This ground-breaking work answers this question by exploring the psychophysical aspect of voiceover. The reader is given a bird's-eye view of the professional narrator's mental, physical, and vocal ”machinery” as well as an in-depth look at the underlying currents that power it: energy, intention, emotion, connection, and flow. Ideal for all-from novice to seasoned voiceover pro-Voiceover Narration inspires the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of voiceover performance within each narration subgenre, including audiobooks, corporate films, documentaries, e-learning, and explainer videos. With wisdom, humor, and personal anecdotes, Dian Perry shares everything she has learned about narration from decades as a voice actor and teacher. Her advice is supplemented by graphics, worksheets, and a variety of sample text for practice. Voiceover Narration is a much-needed handbook that guides voice actors in creating and delivering more intuitive voiceover performances.

Storytelling in Business

Storytelling in Business

Author: Janis Forman

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804784955

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

View: 493

Storytelling can be a lifelong and life sustaining habit of mind, a personal inheritance that connects us to our communities. It can also serve as an organizational inheritance—a management tool that helps businesses to develop and thrive. For more than a decade, award-winning author Janis Forman has been helping executives to tell stories in service of their organizational objectives. In Storytelling in Business: The Authentic and Fluent Organization, she teaches readers everywhere how the craft of storytelling can help them to achieve their professional goals. Focusing on the role of storytelling at the enterprise level, this book provides a research-driven framework for engaging in organizational storytelling. Forman presents original cases from Chevron, FedEx, Phillips, and Schering-Plough. Organizations like those featured in the book can make use of storytelling for good purposes, such as making sense of their strategy, communicating it, and developing or strengthening culture and brand. These uses of storytelling generate positive consequences that can have a sustained and significant impact on an organization. While large firms employ teams of digital and communication professionals, there's much that any of us can extrapolate from their experience to create stories to further our own objectives. To show the reach of storytelling, Forman conducted 140 interviews with professionals ranging from CEOs in small and thriving firms, to corporate communication and digital media experts, to filmmakers—arguably the world experts in visual storytelling. She draws out specific lessons learned, and shows how to employ the road-tested strategies demonstrated by these leaders. Although this book focuses on storytelling in the context of business, Forman takes inspiration from narratives in literature and film, philosophical and social thought, and relevant concepts from a variety of other disciplines to instruct the reader on how to develop truly authentic and meaningful tales to drive success. A final chapter brings readers back to square one: the development of their own "signature story." This book is a pioneering work that guides us beyond the pressure and noise of daily organizational life to influence people in a sustained, powerful way. It teaches us to be fluent storytellers who succeed by mastering this vital skill.

Culture Clash

Culture Clash

Author: Steven Goldberg

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814732540

Category: Social Science

Page: 270

View: 653

It is an article of faith in America that scientific advances will lead to wondrous progress in our daily lives. Americans proudly support scientific research that yields stunning breakthroughs and Nobel prizes. We relish the ensuing debate about the implications—moral, ethical, practical—of these advances. Will genetic engineering change our basic nature? Will artificial intelligence challenge our sense of human uniqueness? And yet the actual implementation of these technologies is often sluggish and much-delayed. From Star Trek to Jurassic Park, the American imagination has always been fascinated by the power of scientific technology. But what does the reality of scientific progress mean for our society? In this controversial book, Steven Goldberg provides a compelling look at the intersection of two of America's most powerful communities—law and science—to explain this apparent contradiction. Rarely considered in tandem, law and science highlight a fundamental paradox in the American character, the struggle between progress and process. Science, with its ethic of endless progress, has long fit beautifully with America's self image. Law, in accordance with the American ideal of giving everyone a fair say, stresses process above all else, seeking an acceptable, rather than a scientifically correct, result. This characteristic has been especially influential in light of the explosive growth of the legal community in recent years. Exposing how the legal system both supports and restricts American science and technology, Goldberg considers the role and future of three projects—artificial intelligence, nuclear fusion, and the human genome initiative—to argue for a scientific vision that infuses research with social goals beyond the pure search for truth. Certain to provoke debate within a wide range of academic and professional communities, Culture Clash reveals one of the most important and defining conflicts in contemporary American life.

Drop the Drama!

Drop the Drama!

Author: Guerin Moorman

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452574639

Category: Self-Help

Page: 404

View: 807

We all experience drama in one form or another. Whether it’s relational conflicts, financial stress, addiction, anger, overeating, or any number of problems; drama is not something that happens to us, but something that happens within us. In whatever form we experience it, drama is ultimately the internal dialogue of wrestling against ‘what is’. Drop the Drama! From Drama Addiction to Simply Inspired Living asserts that we become drama addicts, emotionally reacting to life, recreating life stories based on a limited understanding of who we really are. In an approach that transcends all spiritual paths, Drop the Drama! takes an alternative view of the ancient story of Adam and Eve challenging our traditional ways of viewing God, self, the nature of reality, and ultimately revealing a new way of Simply Inspired Living for all humanity. Explore the root cause of suffering; The Drama Mind. Expose the symptoms of the Drama Mind and how it cloaks itself from our awareness. Drop the cycles of Shame, Blame, and The Drama Game. Discover ‘The Quest’, questions found in the story of Adam and Eve leading us out of drama and back to Simply Inspired Living. Drop the Drama! is not about providing more factual knowledge for the mind, or getting motivated to achieve certain results in life. It is about uncovering the stories we create, the discovery of who we really are, and unleashing a life that is simply inspiring. Are you ready to Drop the Drama?

The Microgrid Revolution: Business Strategies for Next-Generation Electricity

The Microgrid Revolution: Business Strategies for Next-Generation Electricity

Author: Mahesh P. Bhave Ph.D.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440833168

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 182

View: 586

What kinds (according to U.S. News & World Report) of clean electricity initiatives—ones that make sense on public policy and business strategy levels—could overcome the hurdles in shifting away from the entrenched electricity and petroleum-based transport industries in the United States? This book explores the tremendous opportunities of the new electricity revolution that looks to threaten the century-old business models of our existing power production infrastructure. • Synthesizes seemingly disparate concepts from the telecom and electricity industries with business strategy and policy and regulatory issues, allowing readers to see the tremendous opportunity at hand in clean electricity technologies • Describes a novel network topology for a next-generation electricity grid • Provides unique insights from the perspective of a chemical engineer who is also a faculty member of a business school and has served as a corporate strategy executive in the telecom industry

Morning Meditations

Morning Meditations

Author: Editors of Rock Point

Publisher: Rock Point Gift & Stationery

ISBN: 9781631068621

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 160

View: 664

Morning Meditations offers a collection of thoughtful meditations and journal prompts organized by season to encourage you to have reflective, inspiring mornings.

Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity

Author: Ernest A. Engelbert

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520357433

Category: Nature

Page: 514

View: 775

Agricultural production in the semi-arid western United States is dependent on irrigation. Population in the seventeen western states has been and is expected to continue increasing. Groundwater levels are declining throughout the region with long-term pumping and increased demands leading to greater pumping lifts and costs, land subsidence, and salt water intrusion into groundwater basins. Construction and operation costs of future water development in these states will be great, both in dollars and in economic and social effects. Competition for the available water supply due to increased demands in both agricultural and non-agricultural sectors continues to increase. Although considerable attention has been given to some aspects of declining water supplies for irrigated agriculture in particular areas, this is the first volume to adress in a comprehensive manner the effects of scarce water supplies on agricultural production and the resultant impacts at regional, state, national, and international levels. Over seventy experts, representing all the major physical and social sciences as well as industries examine the issues and conclude that important decisions must be made at all levels of government and private enterprise if the prosperity and quality of life in the region are to be maintained. Specific technical, economic, institutional, and managerial solutions are recommended to forestall an impending water crisis. All segments of society--agriculturalists, urbanites, food processors, land developers, environmentalists, and others--have major stakes in the outcome of any action for future water supplies and distribution in the West. This title is part of UC Press's Voices Revived program, which commemorates University of California Press's mission to seek out and cultivate the brightest minds and give them voice, reach, and impact. Drawing on a backlist dating to 1893, Voices Revived makes high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarship accessible once again using print-on-demand technology. This title was originally published in 1984.