Common Core: Elements of Literature, Grades 6 - 8

Common Core: Elements of Literature, Grades 6 - 8

Author: Linda Armstrong

Publisher: Mark Twain Media

ISBN: 9781622234905

Category: Education

Page: 48

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Centered around Common Core State Standards, Common Core: Elements of Literature is designed to help students understand such complex elements of literature as irony and symbolism. Practice pages, student charts, graphic organizers, research challenges, discussion starters, writing prompts, games, group activities, and recommended reading lists enable students to practice: Pinpointing character, setting, plot, and theme; uncovering common symbols in fiction; detecting similes, metaphors, and other figures of speech; spotting verbal, situational, and dramatic irony; and recognizing allegory, parody, and satire. Mark Twain Media Publishing Company specializes in providing captivating, supplemental books and decorative resources to complement middle- and upper-grade classrooms. Designed by leading educators, the product line covers a range of subjects including mathematics, sciences, language arts, social studies, history, government, fine arts, and character. Mark Twain Media also provides innovative classroom solutions for bulletin boards and interactive whiteboards. Since 1977, Mark Twain Media has remained a reliable source for a wide variety of engaging classroom resources.

Global Elements in Chinese Literature

Global Elements in Chinese Literature

Author: Sihe Chen

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004522978

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 403

View: 697

Global Elements in Chinese Literature illustrates how modern Chinese writers have assimilated and transformed key movements of Western literature to develop their own unique forms of expression in order to confront the problems facing humanity today.

Aspects of Contemporary World Literature

Aspects of Contemporary World Literature

Author: P. Bayapa Reddy

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 8126909757

Category: American literature

Page: 380

View: 405

Festschrift volume dedicated to Kamjula Venkata Reddy, b. 1939, former Professor of English, Sri Krishnadevaraya University; contributed articles; some previously published.

The Element of Irony in English Literature

The Element of Irony in English Literature

Author: F. M. C. Turner

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107426597

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 119

View: 946

Originally published in 1926, this book presents a concise analysis of the nature of irony in English literature, with special emphasis on 'prophetic irony'. Discussion focuses on examples taken from prose literature, with an introductory section on the meaning of irony.

Aspects of Death and the Afterlife in Greek Literature

Aspects of Death and the Afterlife in Greek Literature

Author: George Alexander Gazis

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9781789627350

Category: History

Page: 210

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The concept of the afterlife has always been prominent in both Greek literature and modern scholarship alike. The fate of man after his/her allotted time has come to an end has a central position in poetry, philosophy and religion, often leading to questions and answers as to how one can best live one’s life, and how can one deal with the burden of mortality that is inherent in every human being. The Greeks devoted a considerable amount of their literary production in an attempt to answer these questions through a variety of different media, whereas similar concerns appear to have been at the core of the ancient world in general. This volume represents the first to examine the influences, intersections, and developments of understandings of death and the afterlife between poetic, religious, and philosophical traditions in ancient Greece in one resource. Greek thinking on death and the afterlife was neither uniform, simple, nor static, and by offering an examination of these matters in a properly interdisciplinary context this collection of papers aims to demonstrate the full richness, complexity, and flexibility of these ideas in the ancient Greek world, and illuminate how freely writers from various genres drew inspiration from each other’s thinking concerning eschatological matters. Contributors: Alberto Benarbé; Rick Benitez; Nicolo Benzi; Chiara Blanco; Radcliffe Edmonds; George Alexander Gazis; Anthony Hooper; Vaios Liapis; Alex Long; Ioannis Ziogas.

Aspects of Orality and Greek Literature in the Roman Empire

Aspects of Orality and Greek Literature in the Roman Empire

Author: Consuelo Ruiz-Montero

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527546592

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 405

View: 610

Orality was the backbone of ancient Greek culture throughout its different periods. This volume will serve to deepen the reader’s knowledge of how Greek texts circulated during the Roman Empire. The studies included here approach the subject from both a literary and a sociocultural point of view, illuminating the interconnections between literary and social practices. Topics considered include epigraphy, the rhetoric of transmitting the texts, language and speech, performance, theatre, narrative representation, material culture, and the interaction of different cultures. Since orality is a widespread phenomenon in the Greek-speaking world of the Roman Empire, this book draws the reader’s attention to under-researched texts and inscriptions.