Clipper Ships and Their Makers

Clipper Ships and Their Makers

Author: Alexander Laing


ISBN: UCLA:L0050726736

Category: Clipper ships

Page: 232

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"The clipper ship era made it plain that a young nation had suddenly come of age in seaboard America. The Yankee clippers took mankind by surprise, putting a value upon speed and ingenuity that had never been felt before. They were the first great evidence of the American talent for turning the arts and sciences to practical work"--Foreword.

The American Clipper Ship, 1845-1920

The American Clipper Ship, 1845-1920

Author: Glenn A. Knoblock

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786471126

Category: Transportation

Page: 377

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This work offers a new and comprehensive account of the fastest and most beautiful sailing ships ever built. It explores the quest for speed on the seas from the early 1800s through the fast-paced times of the 1850s spurred on by the California Gold Rush of 1849. Not only are the career details of such noted ships as the Flying Cloud and Challenge discussed in detail, but they are also put in context with the times in which they operated. Their builders in East Coast states from Maine to Florida are discussed in detail, as are the men, and a woman in one instance, who commanded and manned these ships. The book documents the roles that owners and shipping agents played, what kinds of cargo the ships carried worldwide and the unusual trades in which they participated.

The 100 Most Significant Events in American Business

The 100 Most Significant Events in American Business

Author: Quentin R. Skrabec

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313398629

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 346

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This reference book details the top 100 groundbreaking events in the history of American business, featuring case studies of successful companies who challenged traditional operating paradigms, historical perspectives on labor laws, management practices, and economic climates, and an examination of the impact of these influences on today's business practices. Throughout history, important commercial developments in the United States have made it possible for American companies to leverage tough economic conditions to survive--even thrive in a volatile marketplace. This reference book examines the top 100 groundbreaking events in the history of American business and illustrates their influence on the labor laws, business practices, and management methodologies of corporate America today. The 100 Most Significant Events in American Business: An Encyclopedia depicts the chronological order of events contributing to the evolution of American business, with an emphasis on the commercial innovations of each period. The book explores the origins of successful brands, including Apple, Wal-Mart, and Heinz; demonstrates the successful collaboration between public and private sectors illustrated by the Erie Canal, Hoover Dam, and the interstate highway system; and depicts the commercial impact of major economic events from the Panic of 1857 to the Great Recession of 2010. Chronology of key events in the history of American business from 1630 to the present Helpful sidebars of the evolution of key terms used today Comprehensive index includes category, company names, personal names, and cross references to other events Suggestions for further reading for each article 10 relevant charts and tables Appendix of relevant sources 80 key primary documents supporting major events in American business

The World of the American West: A Daily Life Encyclopedia [2 volumes]

The World of the American West: A Daily Life Encyclopedia [2 volumes]

Author: Gordon Morris Bakken

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440828607

Category: History

Page: 943

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Addressing everything from the details of everyday life to recreation and warfare, this two-volume work examines the social, political, intellectual, and material culture of the American "Old West," from the California Gold Rush of 1849 to the end of the 19th century. • Offers insights based on social history and the daily experience of the average person to engage students' interest and curiosity rather than focusing on the events, dates, and names of "traditional history" • Presents information within a thematic organization that encourages a more in-depth study of specific aspects of daily life in the Old West • Includes related primary documents that enable students to view history more directly and reach their own conclusions about past events • Examines a wide range of topics such as work, family life, clothing and fashion, food and drink, housing and community, politics, social customs, spirituality, and technology • Provides a general introduction per volume, individual topic introductions, numerous images and illustrations, a timeline of events, and a bibliography identifying print and nonprint resources

Classic Drucker

Classic Drucker

Author: Peter Ferdinand Drucker

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 1422101681

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 250

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This book gathers together Peter Drucker's articles from Harvard Business Review and frames them with a thoughtful introduction from the Review's Editor Tom Stewart One of this century's most highly regarded students of management, Drucker has sought out, identified, and examined the most important issues confronting managers, from corporate strategy to management style to social change. Through his unique lens, this volume gives us the rare opportunity to trace the evolution of the great shifts in our workplaces, and to understand more clearly the role of managers. This book gathers together Drucker's articles from Harvard Business Review and frames them with a thoughtful introduction from the review's editor Thomas A. Stewart.

The American-built Clipper Ship, 1850-1856

The American-built Clipper Ship, 1850-1856

Author: William L. Crothers

Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press

ISBN: 0071358234

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 568

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Long of line, incredibly fleet, with tall, raking masts and clouds of sail, the great Yankee clipper ships stir dreams of romance and adventure. This book, the most important and detailed ever to appear on clipper ships, is the fruit of 35 years of research. Lavishly pictorial, it's a boon to maritime historians, model makers, and dreamers alike.

Isabel and Me!

Isabel and Me!

Author: Douglas Wayne Coldwell

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781410799388

Category: Fiction

Page: 433

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This book is a collection of short stories. The stories are science fiction, with a Christian theme. In the future - mankind has reached a level of technical evolution - machines are as 'Human' as people - but in a very different way: They have no soul. Society is left with with a perfect way of the physical world. But there are those who are seeking their humanity - they have found it in Jesus Christ.