AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine

AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine

Author: Simon Yu


ISBN: 0578524171

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 388

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You hold in your hands the key to a healthier future! Drawing on experiences in Western, Eastern and US Army medicine, Simon Yu, MD blends story-telling with strategies, testing and protocols to detect and treat "asymmetric threats" fueling cancer, Lyme and chronic diseases. Treat dental, parasite and fungal problems to heal the immune system.

Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine

Author: Laszlo Buris

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642488849

Category: Medical

Page: 416

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"Forensic Medicine", written by L. Buris, Professor of Forensic Medicine at the Debrecen Medical University in Hungary, is an informative and practice-oriented review of the topic. The book contains essential data and references of forensic medicine, both in theoretical and practical aspects. It gives a pathological, pathophysiological and biochemical interpretation of various alterations with the up-to-date results of forensic medical research as well.

Live from Medicine Park

Live from Medicine Park

Author: Constance Squires

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806160375

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Documentary filmmaker Ray Wheeler is down on his luck. Embroiled in a lawsuit, he is reeling from the consequences of a near-fatal shooting on his last film, and has just lost his teaching gig. Broke and beleaguered, he can’t afford to be particular about his next project. So when a former student invites him to film the comeback of Lena Wells, an iconic rock-and-roll singer who hit it big in the seventies, more than two decades earlier, he reluctantly agrees—even though he doesn’t like her music. When Ray arrives at Lena’s hometown of Medicine Park, Oklahoma, a defunct resort community, he is determined to approach his topic with the professional detachment that has guided his career. His work ethic is modeled on the prime directive of Star Trek: never interfere with an alien civilization. But with only five days left before Lena’s comeback concert, Ray quickly runs afoul of his subject, who places him on a one-week probation. The terms: impress her or else. It doesn’t take long before Ray violates his own ethical standards. Drawn romantically toward Lena, he also fails to prevent himself from interfering with the lives of the people closest to her, including her only son, Gram, whose paternity is a mystery even to himself; her daughter-in-law, Jettie; and the enigmatic guitar player Cyril Dodge. When disaster strikes Ray’s set again, this time in Medicine Park, he must face truths he has avoided for too long—about love, relationships, and responsibility. An ode to both southwestern Oklahoma and rock music, Live from Medicine Park is a bittersweet reflection on the search for identity and purpose amid tragedy. As the novel reaches its climax, Ray sets out on one last adventure to set things right. Redemption may be possible—but only on its own terms.

Heroes and Saints

Heroes and Saints

Author: Max L. Christensen

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 066425702X

Category: Religion

Page: 142

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Max Christensen brings to life heroes and saints from the past and present who have inspired human beings to reach higher and live more fruitful lives. Among the biographical sketches are those of Joan of Arc, John Calvin, and Marian Anderson.