A tale of two horses

A tale of two horses

Author: Kathie Gregory

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781845847944

Category: Pets

Page: 144

View: 625

Bringing horsemanship up-to-date with positive, reward-based methods, the truly kind and humane approach to working with horses that Kathie teaches will provide huge benefits for you and your horse. Following two ex-racehorses over the course of a year, as they go from being reactive and unable to be handled, to calm, well balanced, contented horses, you’ll get to know the personalities of Charlie and Star, as they make the transition from racing to home environment. This book provides an understanding of behaviour and learning theory, along with free-will, hands-off, and non-coercive techniques, and shows how to apply these principles for stress-free training. You’ll learn how to prevent small issues becoming big problems, making battling with your horse a thing of the past. Easy to read, this book can be used as a complete start-from-scratch guide, or to browse through, selecting those parts that you wish to work on to achieve fantastic results: reliable behaviour, stress-free, happy and contented horse and owner.

A Tale of Two Slaves

A Tale of Two Slaves

Author: Abul Anwaar

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469120768

Category: Fiction

Page: 113

View: 357

"The fanatics claims that their System, which was revealed centuries ago, suits our modern life. They forget, or ignore, the fact that the system failed to call for freedom for all. This fictional work is based on the author's imagination that the System was infallible, but another force defeated its infallibility. The teacher was faithful in delivering the message, but the other force was so powerful; it handcuffed him."



Author: Aime Tschiffely

Publisher: Long Riders' Guild Press

ISBN: 1590482972

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 224

View: 150

IThis remarkable book recounts the extraordinary journey made by the most influential Long Rider of the 20th century. In 1925 Aime Tschiffely set off to ride from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to New York City. The legendary 10,000 mile journey took him through mountains, jungles and swamps where he encountered rope bridges, vampire bats, sand storms, quicksand and hostile natives. After two harrowing years he was accorded a ticker-tape parade when he rode triumphantly through the streets of New York. This amazing story is narrated by the two equine heroes, Mancha and Gato, who accompanied the author. Though nearly a century has passed since the trio set off on their journey, their story has become a celebrated classic. Amply illustrated with drawings by the author, this is a book for all lovers of horses, for all lovers of travel and for all lovers of adventure."

The Liminal Horse

The Liminal Horse

Author: Rena Maguire

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9786158182164

Category: History

Page: 316

View: 582

The historical horse is at once material and abstract, as is the notion of the border. Borders and frontiers are not only markers delineating geographical spaces but also mental constructs: there are borders between order and disorder, between what is permitted and what is prohibited. Boundaries and liminal spaces also exist in the material, economic, political, moral, legal and religious spheres. In this volume, the contributing authors explore the theme of the liminality of the horse in all of these historical arenas, asking how does one reconcile the very different roles played by the horse in human history?

What Horses Really Want

What Horses Really Want

Author: Lynn Acton

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

ISBN: 9781646010295

Category: Nature

Page: 288

View: 340

Relationships with horses, whether for companionship or competition, are complex and ever-changing. This is one of the reasons why “horsemanship” can become a lifelong pursuit: There is always a balance to be struck with our equine partners, and it demands continual growth and understanding on our side. In this book, horsewoman Lynn Acton explains that when the focus in the relationship is on what we want from the horse, his compliance becomes the measure of success, and what he thinks and feels is often overlooked. Is he calm, confident, and trusting? Or anxiously wishing he could escape? His behavior, performance, and reliability—in whatever discipline we prefer or equestrian sport we pursue—depend on the answers to those questions. Horses want security and social bonds. They want leaders they trust to protect them—not only from danger, but from stress. When we provide this security, they accept our rules. This not only puts us in charge, it makes our leadership more effective because we do not force it on them; they seek it. The result is less anxiety, fewer behavior problems, more efficient learning, and better reliability. Acton refers to this relationship as Protector Leadership because being the “protector” is the foundation. Building methodology based on time-tested training theories that we are often exposed to in bits and pieces, Acton shows why Protector Leadership works and how to make it work for us, fitting the separate pieces together, and illustrating the connections with practical examples of real horses in everyday life.

The Pleasure of Punishment

The Pleasure of Punishment

Author: Magnus Hörnqvist

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429589614

Category: Social Science

Page: 180

View: 872

Based on a reading of contemporary philosophical arguments, this book accounts for how punishment has provided audiences with pleasure in different historical contexts. Watching tragedies, contemplating hell, attending executions, or imagining prisons have generated pleasure, according to contemporary observers, in ancient Greece, in medieval Catholic Europe, in the early-modern absolutist states, and in the post-1968 Western world. The pleasure was often judged morally problematic, and raised questions about which desires were satisfied, and what the enjoyment was like. This book offers a research synthesis that ties together existing work on the pleasure of punishment. It considers how the shared joys of punishment gradually disappeared from the public view at a precise historic conjuncture, and explores whether arguments about the carnivalesque character of cruelty can provide support for the continued existence of penal pleasure. Towards the end of this book, the reader will discover, if willing to go along and follow desire to places which are full of pain and suffering, that deeply entwined with the desire for punishment, there is also the desire for social justice. An accessible and compelling read, this book will appeal to students and scholars of criminology, sociology, philosophy and all those interested in the pleasures of punishment.

Proper Names

Proper Names

Author: Stefano Predelli

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191083983

Category: Philosophy

Page: 192

View: 419

Proper Names explores the aims and scope of the Millian approach to the semantics of proper names. Stefano Predelli covers the core semantic aspects of Millianism, and develops them against the background of an independently motivated pre-semantic picture, grounded on the distinction between meaning and use. Accordingly, the volume defends Millianism from certain popular misconceptions and criticisms, it highlights its explanatory potential, and it tackles a variety of traditional philosophical problems from its viewpoint. In particular, Predelli discusses the relationships between co-referential names, the issue of non truth-conditional meaning for proper names, the role of onomastics in a theory of the use of names, the phenomenon of empty names, cases of so-called fictional names and names from myth and false scientific theories, and apparently predicative uses of proper names.

The Sands Of Time

The Sands Of Time

Author: Barbara Silverman

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460245255

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 494

The Sands of Time is a series of short stories dealing with both the wildlife of today, prehistoric and ancient cultures, and the history behind astronomy. In this time period, Barbara Silverman writes about unusual animal species, many unfamiliar to the average person. Then traveling back into the past you, the reader, will share the lives of people from long ago. You will listen to animal mythology and see how it affected their daily lives. You will look at the skies through the eyes of these cultures from long ago, listening to their stories and visiting some of the astronomically aligned structures that have been left behind. While, in more modern times there are several stories about various astronomers that helped to shape our knowledge of the stars and planets. These astronomers lived in different times, different places, but united by their love of the stars. The Sands of Time was written for the average reader. Well researched, well written, sometimes with a sense of humour, this book contains something for everyone, whether you are a casual reader or someone looking for in-depth reading, you will not be disappointed.

The New International Lesson Annual 2013-2014

The New International Lesson Annual 2013-2014

Author: David Kalas

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 9781426771743

Category: Religion


View: 345

Years of reader evaluations yield a record of overwhelming positive teaching results. Teachers agree that The New International Lesson Annual gets highest marks for helping Christian educators in the classroom, making Scripture understandable or intelligible, relating Scripture to contemporary living, and challenging students to respond with positive life-changing actions. Based on the Bible study foundations of America’s leading ecumenical Bible educators and editors in the venerable Committee on Uniform Series. Inside discover: • Easy-to-use design with tint boxes, thumb index, goals for learners, and a key-word pronunciation guide • Easy-on-the-eyes clear type • The only lesson commentary with popular easy-to-understand NRSV and CEB translations (Combined with your own King James Bible, NIV, or any other Bible translation, you have a multiversion parallel.) [Karla, multi- forms a closed compound] • Eight pages of Bible background, interpretation, and step-by-step lesson plans keyed to learner goals for each lesson make lesson preparation thorough without requiring difficult and tedious research • In-depth quarterly teacher enrichment articles and Bible background covering both the big picture and close-up views. Complete index to background Scriptures and occasional additional helps such as maps, charts, and timelines • “Faith in Action” section gives ideas for placing faith concepts of the lessons into action • “Preparing Our Hearts” section with Bible reading and reflection questions for the teacher’s personal spiritual growth • “Continue the Journey” section includes ideas for prayer, learner preparation for next week’s session, activities the learners can do during the coming week to live out what they have learned, and a suggested closing hymn and benediction • Edited by one of the nation's leading Christian educators, Dr. Nan Duerling

An Iceberg As Big As Manhattan

An Iceberg As Big As Manhattan

Author: David Shukman

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 9781847657879

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 736

An Iceberg as Big as Manhattan is a gripping report on the new frontlines of science and the environment from the BBC's Science Editor, David Shukman. His skill is to get the big picture and to present it amid the everyday details of life and people. And these are the major stories of our day, whether Shukman is journeying up the fabled North West Passage in the Arctic, chasing after loggers in the Amazon, battling through plastic waste in the Pacific, or heading to the bottom of the sea to chart the effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This new paperback edition of Reporting Live from the End of the Word (9781846688874) has been revised and updated to take stock of recent events. It provides a fascinating eye-witness account of both the environment and of life behind the cameras at the BBC.