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If social media in Pakistan has started crawling – marketing on social media is a new-born baby, with brands and marketing professionals just trying to get their hands dirty.

This is a presentation that I made to the students of at the IBA Media Accession & Reinforcement Convention 2013 (i-MARC 2013) and am sharing here for your reading and reference too. Hope you find it useful – notes on each slide given below:

  1. Overview of Social Media Marketing landscape of Pakistan 
  2. In a glance a look at the digital landscape of Pakistan (as on Jan 2013) vs the population number
  3. Most of our online activities are revolving socialization – from email to social networks – that’s where most internet users in Pakistan are. News is a much smaller objective of being online for Pakistanis
  4. Did you know?
  5. In Dec 2011, Pakistan had 5.5million users on Facebook (largest social media network in Pakistan) – by Jan 2013 Facebook users have grown to over 8 million users
  6. While Facebook is the social media of Pakistan’s choice, 28% of this population is also on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social platforms.
  7. Facebook users, in April 2013, have crossed the 8.5 million mark from Pakistan
  8. Looking at the role of social media in Pakistan
  9. It was social media in Pakistan that caused Maya Khan’s morning show on Samaa TV to go off air in 2012
  10. World Food Program (WFP) launched a social media campaign in 2012 Ramzaan and raised funds for the under privileged.
  11. TNM is a 2013 social media campaign that is working on building awareness of the violence faced by women in Pakistan.
  12. On the corporate sector, social media marketing is a part of the digital marketing umbrella – that includes digital advertising as well.
  13. As per Aurora the digital industry of Pakistan for 2012 stands at Rs. 1.01 Billion, which is an increase of 45% from 2011.
  14. Some brand stories on social media in Pakistan
  15. Nokia, Ufone and OLX Pakistan have crossed 1 million ‘likes’ on their Facebook pages
  16. Magnum, Pizza Hut & Tang are examples of how brands have taken their product launches and adapted them for social media in the form of Facebook games/apps.
  17. Brand presence of Twitter are still insignificant. However, media outlets are great examples on how to successful engage users via Twitter.
  18. Love Dove to ‘Win a Free trip to Dubai” and others are examples of social media campaigns, where traditional media was used by brands to get users to be social with the brand.
  19. However, the key to social media in engagement, and brands in Pakistan are still chasing likes. Examples of some brands with high engagement rate on their Facebook page
  20. Some simple tips on how brands can be more engaging with their customers on social media.

“New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.” Ben Grossman, founder of BiGMarK 

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  1. sidra zubairi says:

    nice i agree about all this i got ao=lot of help from this website thanks

  2. Precise yet eloquent presentation. Thanks for sharing your work with us, 100 percent true that “New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.” – Ben Grossman, founder of BiGMarK

  3. Social Media is indeed using as a powerful tool globally but it needs lot of awareness in Pakistan. Generally social media is using just for fun in Pakistan

  4. Murtaza Marvi says:

    Thanks for highlighting the Pizza Hut brand, Samra.

  5. Very nice work Samra, would you like to write for my blog or let me have one for yours. Visit my blog and let me know…If we are talking about Social Media, lets get social.

  6. mansoor hamza says:

    No doubt this is now integral part of media and its use can boost the business in our part. As over 9 million users can be e sales persons for products. Potential market. Agreed and perfectly presented samra.

  7. this is worth a book mark. amazing no.s thanku for blogging . :)

  8. Arif Parvez,Lahore. says:

    Hi Samra Muslim how are you doing today? I have read your presentation on importance of Social Media,I very sincerely vouch your views on the subject. Apart from Country level Marketing ,social media is very Singnifacance at Globel level now world has shrunk as we call it small Village .you can reach out to all the Segments of Society within fraction of seconds. Best regards.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Completely agree that social media has bridged the gap of distance completely between nations, but then as a marketing professional, we still need to look at the platforms and how we can effectively use it without our own ‘scope’ and this presentation should help them. Cheers,


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