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Besharam Movie PosterIt has been over 24 hours to Besharam’s release and social media and the TOP Bollywood press is plastered with negative reviews of the movie! People are calling it a ‘cheap’, ‘sleazy’ movie … some people claim to have walked out of the cinema halfway through the movie … and then there are those who are just not interested in watching it anymore!!

But stubborn me still went and watched the movie in the cinema … after all … how bad could it be?!

And at least I have some answers for you:

  • Is Besharam a really really horrible movie?

No – its just another average mindless Bollywood masala flick – it cannot be compared to Ranbhir’s work in Rockstar or Barfi! – but then even after watching the promos of Besharam, anyone who was expecting anything more than a Dabangg, Housefull, Golmaal, or Bodyguard – was seriously off the mark to begin with!

The promos never promised a critically acclaimed movie … and trust me … it does not belong to that genre!!

  • Is Besharam the worst Ranbhir Kapoor performance ever?

Ranbhir Kapoor is a great actor. Period. And I love the fact that he’s constantly trying something new. He’s versatile for sure.

But picking a different role is not where the story ends. You need to be able to bring it to life, to make the audience believe it’s you! As Babli, Ranbhir is trying too hard & struggles to act. Mostly, he is just over the top and completely hams his way through the film.

  • Is Ranbhir Kapoor the next Khan or another 100-crore giving STAR?

Well he looks better than Shahrukh or Devgun, has a better acting range then Salman and has the youthful charm that Aamir or Akshay too old too have – but rest is just his luck!!

Given that it has a massive release in India with 3,600 screens, it could well hit that jackpot.

Coming back to the movie itself – Besharam is a pointless and illogically woven tale that in recent years has become a signature formula of blockbuster success for Bollywood – the story offers nothing new – if you call it a story at all!

Besharam’s biggest letdown is its leading lady, debutant Pallavi Sharda, who does not have the looks, acting skills or even screen presence to play a lead role – but she dances pretty well. Also, despite the (ugly!!) high heels she is seen wearing, she is way too short to be paired with Ranbhir. The absence of chemistry between the two doesn’t help much either.

On the other hand, Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Singh look adorable together and give a strong performance and possibly the highlight scenes in the movie are with the two of them!! Neetu just rocks as the non-stop husband bashing cop/wife and Rishi Kapoor is just perfect – whether he is taking his wife’s verbal lashing or giving it back to the goons ‘Gadar-style’. (One has to however wonder, why they opted for this script/movie to make an appearance with Ranbhir, because I am sure they must have had other options)

The supporting cast of Besharam enacted their parts well, except Javed Jaffery, as the villain, who was just irritating!

With Besharam, director Abhinav Singh Kashyap has been unable to match the expectations he created from his previous flick – Dabangg. Neither the script is as well woven, nor was he able to draw out the best from his entire production crew.

The stylish fight & action sequences that Kashyap used brilliantly in Dabangg, feel like a lazy repeat of things we have already seen on the screen multiple times with Besharam.

Some of its situations and dialogues are a throwback to the 80′s cinema and a tribute to the more popular Bollywood flicks, even Kashyap’s Dabangg – which are pretty enjoyable. Nonetheless, Besharam could have totally done without some besharam over the top sequences and the toilet humor!!

Music by Lalit Pandit is shockingly poor – and there is not a single chart-topper in the mix. The movie has too many songs, but they are pretty forgettable and act as complete speed-breakers. Even their cinematography creates no impact whatsoever – plus the choreography is weird for most except maybe “Lut Gaye”.

To his credit, Kashyap has tried to mish-mash every trick in the Bollywood blockbuster book in the Besharam on-goings – not even refraining from ‘almost’ exposing Ranbhir’s ASSETS!!

Final Verdict:

  • Does Besharam live up to the expectations?
    • Besharam looks like a half-baked product made only to cash in over Ranbhir’s star power and it’s a disappointment for all those who loved Dabangg and were waiting to see again the magic of Abhinav Kashayap.
    • For Ranbhir Kapoor fans, despite of him being a misfit for such types of films and him having given us some great performances in his past few flicks, he still entertains to the fullest in Besharam and let’s hope he picks a better script for his next venture.

All said and done – I will still give Besharam 2 out of 5 for being an average entertainer and time-pass cinema and of course for the Rishi, Neetu & Ranbhir Kapoor trio’s first time together on the big screen.


This is an unedited version of the review originally published on Express Tribune Life & Style 

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  1. Asad Khan says:

    Glad I did not buy my ticket for first day first show. These days Bollywood is like Lollywood with no story at all. Producers just want to cash in on “star power”. In the end, it is all about money, notes and moola. It does not matter if product is that of average quality.

    BTW, I have come across your blog because of your post on Turkish visas and all. I was unable to dig up your second episode of your trip. If you can post a link, I will appreciate that.

    Thanks a bunch

    ps: your writing skills are top notch.

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